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I'm about to do a month trip round South East Asia.

Flying in and out of bangkok, I'm keen to see as much as possible without spending my whole time on buses.

What do you think of this for an itinerary:
Bangkok-Chang mai
Changmai - luang prabang
luang prabang - hanoi (is this a mission of a trip?)
hanoi - ho chi minh
ho chi minh - phnom penh
phnom penh - siem riep
siem riep - bangkok

Do you think this is achievable in a month? Where would you stop in between these places?

If you had to cut part of it out what would u? Its a tough decision because the lonely planet sings the praises of this whole area.

Any ideas/tips would be greatly appreciated.


richard (new zealand)

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Hi Richard
I have sent you a PM but also if you want you can go to bottom of this page to previous page 4,trawl down to;"3 months trip advise" at Tigerlily and read my reply.
Yours is a good trip but Hanoi is cold this time of year and as I said in my trip I jump on a bus appox 0800 and jump off 1200,4hrs Max and you will have plenty of time to spare in a month doing it that way.
Have a good one and enjoy your travels.
al de bes

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thanks jackboy and danalasta for replies.
ive been to ko samet before, so ill skip that....
what im undecided about is whether to do the ho chi minh trail up to hanoi??

because i could do as you suggested jackboy and go bk - sr - pp - hcmc - pp - bk in one leg (flying from pp to bk). then bk - chiang mai - chiang rai - luang prabang - hanoi - bk (flying hanoi - bk).

but as i said, i miss the coast of vietnam, and some have said its one of the best parts.

any advice people?