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1. Posted by sofiemarie (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I and two of my best friends have recently booked our travels and leave Feb 2006 for 6 months. Our flights are all booked and our route is: Manchester - Bangkok -Singapore - Sydney - Cairns - Auckland- Fiji- Cook Islands - LA - London - Ios...

None of us have travelled before and we are very excited! We are doing lots of research - internet, books and by word of mouth - so I hope people on this site can give us some words of wisdom also!!!

We have an idea of the things we'd like to do/places we would like to see and the amount of time we will be spending in each place... But these ideas are work in progress and it would be great if any one could post any thoughts on the best places they have visted/things they have done (obviously with regards to our destinations)

Full moon party goers we'd love to hear from you!! and also the best place to sky dive... OZ or NZ??

Look forward to hearing some thoughts soon
Sophie x
As advised by Sam I Am - I am posting in this forum as well as in introductions... So I apologise for being in two places at once!!! But in true Radio One Style... I am spreading the word.... of my imminent travels x x

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Hi Manchester girls
Great to hear your hitting the road and I have no doubt you will enjoy every long summer day.
I will be in Asia from 29-12-05 for 4 months.
During your first stop and if you want a little guidance ref bus to Cambodia beaches and Phomn Penh then down the Mekong River to Vietnam and Saigon look up;
1)Travel Forum;Asia
2)Go to Page 4
3)Trawl down to;3 months trip advise posted by Tigerlily
4)read my reply
We can always meet in Pattaya as when you get off the plane at Bangkok just go to Bus recption and book a bus,jump on and you are in Pattaya on Jomtiem beach in 2 hrs,dont hang about Bangkok on your first day.
Do the Vietnam side in 2-3 weeks then go down Phuket and then Singapore to catch your plane in the "next few weeks".
Anyway whatever you decide if you need any help just drop me a line.
Have a great trip.
al de bes

3. Posted by Ryaneire (Budding Member 12 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Sofie we (myself and a friend) are flying from London to South Africa, then onto Bangkok, from there we are going to Sydney then Cairns, Fiji then LA and NY.

We are flying out at the start of March.

I'm definitely up for the full moon parties and i'm also interested in scuba diving with those cuddly great white sharks.

Really really looking forward to it all, counting down the days as I sit in this depressing office on a grey Wednesday morning.

Mine is a double vodka and diet coke

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Hey Sophie,

Im visiting Oz for 6 weeks next March, and i will be doing a Skydive at Woolongong beach (Sydney). This has been recommeded by a friend that did it and said it was a fantastic view over the beach (saw their dvd and it did look good!). Another friend did a Skydive at Mission Beach (near Cairns) and also highly recommended it.

Not sure whether Oz or NZ is the best place, i'd imagine both are fantastic (you may want to do more than one if you like it!).

If you wanted to do a bungie jump (not that i would ) then i'd say NZ as i've seen a friend's dvd of this (it was in a valley off a bridge) and looks amazing.

Anyway, hope you all have a excellent trip!