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This is the message i received:
Hi dana,
berrynice has started a thread in the forum called : "Rustic Kelong Getaway!" discussing Malaysia, which you are a Travel Helper for.

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Hey all
I have just returned from a Kelong trip right in the heart of Sibu Malaysia and totally enjoyed myself!

This Kelong is owned and operated by three young Singapore entrepreneurs - so do
show your support if you can! They are the ONLY Singaporean Kelong operators at Pulau Sibu.


My response - Sorry to say, I am all too familiar with the operations of kelong operations/ and resort ownership/operations by singaporeans in Johor (Malaysia)...for one, the member is all to promote ( with/without knowledge) this outfit...I will not support this rightly indicated by another TP member as a (spam).

Let me make it clear that the Malaysian law does not allow singaporeans to operate, repeat, operate kelong type fact, there is no privision in malaysian law which allows the operation of "kelong guesthouses",and anyone who does so is in infringement of the law, and those who patronise are at risk, and they are not covered by insurance should there be a mishap.

Let us be more careful...any member who posts details of a place, such as programme, itinerary, pricing, etc have an agenda, or the one who is posting it, is unscrupulous.....



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Hear hear! Very cheeky of them, I must say Tsk!