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I will be visiting Australia and SE Asia soon, and want to have a great slideshow to remember it by.

I have no camera, so I will have to purchase one before I go.

I am trying to decide whether I want to just get a cheap crappy one, so if I lose it/gets stolen, I won't care, but at the same time, I want really good pictures, and newer technology so I can e-mail alot of pics for online storage.

Should I assume my camera will get stolen/destroyed and go for a cheap one, or get a nice one and protect it with my life? Any suggestions on models for digital cameras if so?

Thanks all!

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Quoting TKolb325

but at the same time, I want really good pictures

Really good pictures are taken by good photographers, not by expensive cameras. :)

I'd get something on the low end of middle of the road - a Canon Powershot S60 or a Nikon Coolpix 5400, to name two cameras that stood out searching on specific features that I personally consider important (they're both decent point 'n shoot cameras, but they allow some room for growth and experimentation to take better pictures - plus they're pretty cheap, so although you'll be careful with them, you won't go bankrupt from having one stolen).

Or if you're willing to spend a bit more money, the Canon S70 would be one step up from that.

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You may have trouble finding a Nikon 5400 since they're not in production. EBay is a source.

You might consider the Konica Minolta Z6 as well. The Z5 had very good reviews and I think this is the same except its 6 MP. has many reviews of digital cameras in all price ranges. The Z6 is $400 at B&H Photo.*&bhs=t&shs=minolta+z6&image.x=6&image.y=9

The advantage of B&H is their prices are reasonable and you'll get your camera. That isn't true with all on-line camera stores.

Just a thought. There are many good cameras in all price ranges.

If you get a cheapo, you may not be satisfied with your pictures.

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Take it or leave it, but honestly, Wal-Mart has the best prices on good cameras. For $150-200, you can get a lot of camera. Go for megapixels first, throw in some decent optical zoom (although anything above 5 really takes the price up), and I'd recommend something with battery power other than AA. And not a Sony, unless you really want to pay $50 more and have to get special accessories (battery, memory, etc.).

Dimage (Konica Minolta) are some great cameras. I used to use one at work (animal shelter), and the action pictures I needed in low to medium light were fantastic on this camera. You might have to go more than $200 to get a good one. They aren't as nice as some other cameras, and they even feel a bit cheap, but the pictures that I always got were great. I liked the action mode on that one better than on my own, at least in limited lighting (hate flash).