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Hi again
Hannah (daughter) travelling to India early Feb - but going almost immed. to Thailand for Full Moon Party. She was hoping to buy lots and lots of silver goodies and other prezzies while there but now she would have to carry them with her for the rest of the trip. Any advice about the reliability/safety of mailing prezzies home from Thailand - or from India, as soon as she goes back there and before the trip proper starts? Cheers, Mrs G

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I personely have never posted anything special but try as it appears to give you your answers.
How will she know its silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a postcard is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
al de bes

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my friends and i have both posted boxes of clothing and other goods back from Thailand and everything has arrived safely and sometimes suprisingly quickly. i think its a decent service but its illegal to tak ethe buddas out of the kingdom!

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You can also use FEDEX for sending stuff back home.

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I sent a letter to a friend while in Thailand, and she actually got it before we even got back. Surprised us both. Even my parents got their postcards in almost normal time. I'm not sure what a package would be like, but I wouldn't think that it would be all that different.

You can, actually, take an image of Buddha out of Thailand, but you have to register it, which costs time and money. If you don't have the paperwork for it, it'll be confiscated. Not that anyone ever bothers to search my bags all that carefully... So make sure it's small (just kidding--I totally do not endorse this!).

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brought out a buddha image is prohibited? I brought one out last time without register anything,in the baggage. ar..just a beautiful buddha head which is quite common around any souvenir shop.. or you mean other stuff?

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get an insurance and make a packet not too heavy for it's size - ask how to claim insurance from the UK