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It does not matter whether it is El Salvador or Sri Lanka, very few beginning travellers from Australia, USA, Canada, Isreal and UK know neither the culture or language (non English speaking countries)nor geography neither logistics getting around from one place to another, an up to date Guide Book, city and country specific if possible updated by frequent travellers and resident ex pats to supplement the guidebook most often used by budget travelers, however often not well updated. As well maps of the area, both available on line or in travel sections of large bookstores, where one may browse at ease. About other travellers "who have been there before"
If D.G. gotted robbed last month in Quito, he got robbed, does not mean R.A. who is heading there next week will. If L.L. spent a month in Rio last year and it was warm and sunny then this year B.G. arrives and it rains for a week in Rio. One can only plan so far ahead..however there are worldwide weather forecasting sites on the Internet today and lots of fine links, many in English, on most specific destinations, countries and regions on the Internet for those who wish to do their travel homework.
Travelers, don't expect much beyond good (or sometimes poor) advice from other travellers, no one but you is willing or should be able to plan your trip, if you have the money in your budget, take an organized eco or cultural tour at your destination (In Peru the only way to trek the magnificent Inca Trail is with an organized local operator)and make as many lodging reservations as possible in advance..especially high season..December-January with Christmas and New Year's holidays approach rapidly destinations such as Costa Rica in December you may wind up arriving one evening at a popular Beach resort town and find the cheapest rooms in town are $40 and up as the budget lodgings fill up fast in many places during high seasons. Poor planning can ruin an otherwise great adventure. Never have too high expectations, but always stay positive. Always be aware when travelling..never paranoid. And study up on your destinations before departure..including the local culture, history and language.

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The moral of this story is...Don't forget to pack a paragraph or two. That way people will be able to understand you a lot easier

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and remember dbloom
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Hmmm, planning in advance is usually a good idea when travelling. Especially if you are travelling during the high season in the region that youare visiting. I recently bookd a cruise through this company -snip- and was lucky that I had not booked flights, as the cruise that I wanted was booked out - 2 years in advance!! Yes, planning is a good thing!

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Quoting dbloom

And study up on your destinations before departure..including the local culture, history and language.

Actually, I believe the exact opposite. I don't go in totally blind to a destination (after all, you need to understand exchange rates, visa requirements, average prices and all before heading some place), but I don't like to read too much about a place before I go. There are two reasons for this:

(1) I don't want someone else's impression or opinions impact mine. That means you either need to read alot of stuff on a place, or no stuff at all. I choose to read no stuff, because it's less work.

(2) Most of the best experiences on my trips have come from total happenstance. If I read too much and research and plan too much, then you just ending up having a totally nice, but totally predictable trip (and often, following everyone else clutching a copy of the lonely planet).


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I don't use LP and such, since I read several languages, so that I find local websites and their classified sections a great resource and on land the classified sections of the local newspapers and the Yellow Pages. In addition belong to a couple of hospitality clubs, where one can initially be met and escorted around by a local and vice versa. Also if one can communicate in various languages, or even try, IM is a good way to meet people. When I lived in Antigua, Guatemala I could always tell just by sight who was "traveling" and who had been there for some tend to stick with travelers, ex pats with ex is great to meet travelers having a good time, spending a little bit on entertainment and trying to speak the have two types of traveler.. the gimme and do for me type, they usually never smile (the word for "cheap" in Spanish is tacaƱo and is really an insult)and the ones really interested in learning the culture, destinations, people and language, who come to you with a smile. It's all about people in teh end not exchange rates.