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My son lives in Columbia and is insisting we come to visit. Some of our group keep seeing the warnings on web sites and watching the travel channel tell us that Columbia is one of the top 10 most dangerous places to travel.

My son assures us we will be safe in Bogata.

I would appreciate words of comfort and reassurance.

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Hi Kathy,

Well, what can I say.... I have read the same things but also that only 18 americans (mostly duals) have actually been kidnapped. I think Bogota is probably still reasonably safe because otherwise there would be no US embassy still occupied there. Not too aware otherwise of the country but when in Costa Rica I remember meeting a guy from there and he assured me it was a beautiful country where I could travel without any problems....

I think we have some colombian members on this site so I hope one of them will respond to you with better information

Good luck and happy and safe travels if you do go!


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I'm a native 24 year old Colombian, from Bogota, who has lived in Florida since 1998. You won't any problems if you finally decide to visit your son. Sadly enough, all the things you watch on the news only reflect the political situation of the country and what is going on in the critical areas of Colombia.

However, the main cities like Cali, Medellin and other including the capital Bogota - are in a totally different situation. There is plenty of positive things the country has to offer. I have gone to Bogota many times after I moved here and not even once I have encountered a safety problem.

To sum up, you'll have a lot of fun in Bogota and there is no need to worry so much about your trip because what could happen to you in there could happen anywhere else in the world.