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Hey Everyone

My friend and I are going to be spending 6-9 months in Australia next year, from March (ish) onwards and we're just wondering if there is anything we can do, e.g somewhere we can register or a firm we can contact, before we go in order to help us find work when we're there?

I've been told by lots of people that hostels generally have a selection of advertisements for jobs all year around and that, if we're not too fussy about what we want to do, it shouldn't be too difficult to find work but if there is anything we can do in the meantime it'd be great to know! :)

Many Thanks


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I wouldnt worry too much, theres tons of jobs here for backpackers.

I arrived here from Ireland, had an ok office job within a week. Just register with Agencies the same way you do back home.

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I agree!

I travelled and worked all over Australia for several years all up (several visits).

The best thing about casual work is that it is casual ;-). You don't need to plan in advance and restrict your travel options by doing so. Just see what happens when you get here;-)