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Hey all,
Going RTW and taking in NY city(5days), Las vegas (4days), LA (4 days), Fiji (3 weeks), New Zealand (6 weeks), oz (3 months) then s-e asia for "a while". I've done thailand so know its really cheap in south east asia but not sure about how much i'll spend elsewhere. Have been working and saving and have £6000 for the year to live and have already got flights and insurance so doing alright i think-or am i? Anyone done a similar trip and can give me an idea of whether its enough. Probably drink a reasonable amount and planning to do a fair amount of sports/activities. Plush hostels aren't a neccessity! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers C

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Hi Chris i'm doing something very similar to your trip and i'm onyl taking around 4,000 beer tokens. I'm planning on working for a while down-under though. The 3 months you spend in Aus will definitely be the most expensive part of your trip (or maybe the few days in Vegas ?) but i'd say you are well covered wth 6000 quid if your sensible. Planning on having more than a few drinks when i travel myself :)

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If you live on budget this is a good rule of thumb:

Costs per month (incl. transport, food and accomodation):
Africa/Asia/South-America: 350 British pounds
Europe/North-America/Australia: 700 British pounds

Hope this helps

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I would certainly use restraint when in Las Vegas. There have been many a sad tale of people coming here and losing everything. Walk into the casinos with with a small amount of money, the rest in the room or lockbox. First item you need on your RTW trip is an under the clothes money pouch. Make it very difficult for someone to steal from you. Have a great trip.