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First of all... does either London or Paris have a big new year's eve celebration? You know, something similar to maybe NYC. What does each city do for New Years'?


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Dont go near Paris as I am sure you have seen the News.
London has a massive New Years eve night with fireworks etc and great all night pub opening hrs but you should book up early in hotels as it get exspensive.
Have a great new years night in London, I shall be somewhere warm in Thailand.
al de bes

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i know that paris is in a state of upheaval these days, but i had a pretty wild experience there on new years about three years ago. i went to the eiffel tower on new years eve with some friends and a bottle of champaign and we sat at the base of the tower with hundreds of other people. it was a pretty awesome carnival-like atmophere with all sorts of friendly people and street vendors.

however, when it turned 12, instead of the fireworks we expected, there ended up being rioting and the gendarme showed up. we didn't get hurt, but it was mass chaos and some of the metro stops closed down so we had to walk from the eiffel tower to the champs elysees. when we got there, the streets were filled with people and windows had been broken, but noone seemed to be hurt. it was a surreal and interesting night.

i enjoyed it, but with all the recent rioting, i would say that between the two, stick with london this year.

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It's gotta be London, no question

Follow the Olympic committee’s wisdom if nothing else! (apologies to any French reading this) ;)

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Have you thought about joining the Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh, Scotland?

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Hello, I'm a new member and found this site during a Google search for things to do in London on New Years Eve. I saw that jackboy says there is a celebration with fireworks and such. Where exactly in London is it? We spent one New Years Eve in the square in Verona, Italy drinking wine with our new best friends from Peru, the next year we were in the main plaza in Madrid celebrating with new friends from Portugal. This year we'll be in London, looking for something fun that doesn't involve paying lots of money for a reservation at a club.
Thanks for your help.

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If you are going to be in Europe at all for new year, i'd go for Scotland. I love glasgow, and there are street parties and all night clubs, but Edinburgh has the big street party and F$%K off massive firework i've heard. Hey if Edinburgh is too expensive, stay in glasgow, and get the train over, you won't be sleeping anyway so no matter if the trains don't start til 9 or 10 in the morning. Might be a bit cold mind.

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Thinking that you will get trouble in Paris considering what is happening these last days, NO OFENSE PLEASE, is quite a nonsense.

You can get as much trouble as in Paris for the New Year's Eve celebration as in any other major city of Europe... Never spent this night in Paris, but I have in London, and I can't recommend this to you.

I would rather go for Paris. The odd things happening there shouldn't be a problem... They are focused more in the suburbs. Plus, if you don't want trouble, don't bother anyone, and they will leave you alone :-P Have fun anywhere you go!!!!

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Thank you for the info on Scotland and Paris, but those are not options. We are arriving in London on the 30th and leaving for Athens on the 2nd. We want to stay in London because we used to work there in the 80s and thought it would be fun to see some of London again. We won't have time to go to Scotland or Paris. So is there anything to do in London on New Years that doesn't involve a reservation at a club or restaurant?