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1. Posted by SophieL (Budding Member 18 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey all
I'm travelling to Thailand May time and I'm really really excited about it. Only thing is I'm going alone, which I like because I can do whatever I want and meet lots of people (hopefully). But I'm a bit concerned about how safe it is? Am I foolish travelling alone?
Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Cheers!


2. Posted by AlexT (Respected Member 245 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

You should be fine travelling thailand by yourself. Just do as you would do anywhere else. Personally, I think you are much safer in thailand than you are somewhere like Sydney...

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You should be fine. Just pack light! Know where you want to go and how you want to get there, and maybe check the forums before you go to see if anyone else is going to be in the same places at the same times. It helps to make friends along the way; you can share taxis, share tours, etc, which all means splitting the cost. One idea is to have the people at the place you are staying help you write out directions *in Thai* to the place you are going next, with any names/numbers written down in case you get stuck somewhere and the people don't speak your language. That really helped us!

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Hey!!!I was in the same position a few months back!I recently returned from Thailand where I ended up going alone!I was emailing a canadian girl, Ashley ,who I met on this website and we arranged to meet up when I got to Bangkok!I arrived in Bangkok and found my way to Khao San Road alone without anywhere to stay and it wasnt scary at all!!!!Through Ashley I met another couple of people who I ended up travelling the whole country with so really i never ended up being on my own!!!!You meet so many people over there, its impossible to end up being alone!!!Plus I kind of enjoy to travel on my own as then you can just do your own thing without having to compromise with a travel partner and you meet so many more people when you are solo!I felt very safe in Thailand compared to other places that I have been, the people were helpful and as long as you are always aware, you will be fine!

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I reckon Thailand is a pretty safe place to travel.

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Sorry - posted too early. anyway....

Travelled there all over for a month and a bit earlier on in the year and didn't feel threatened once. Of course there were a few people up for a bit of a hustle in the more touristy patches but on the whole people seemed pretty damned honest and helpful.

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I'm planning on traveling to Thailand on my own in May too! I'm also a little concerned as this is my first time doing anything like this but the posts here have been very useful in easing my mind. Maybe we'll bump into each other Sophie!

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I am travelling on my own in Thailand now and find it pretty safe. The biggest thing to watch out for ios getting ripped off by travel agents and tuk tuk drivers! But I have felt pretty safe here. More concerned about other coutries!

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really safe i wouldent worry about it too much thailand has tourist police everywhere tourists go. just keep ur head up and u'll have a amazing time