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Last Saturday a American guy that spoke fluently Spanish came in and told us the following story.

He told us that he lives in Chapala and is going to return to the states. He want to give away his furniture because he doesnt have the time to sell it. He doenst ask for money for the furniture. We spoke about two hours with him at my house in Tlaquepaque and he knew the area perfectly. Knew the streets, new where the schools were and told us about the hotels in the area. He offered to bring the furniture at doesnt want to have money for it. He told us that he was going to bring the furniture the same day. Only at the last moment he asks if you can give him some money for the gasoline. Sounds really stupid but I felt for it and gave him 300 pesos. Ofcourse he never returned.

Watch out for this man. Here is his description.

Big overweight guy about 1,90 meter. Wite hair with a bold crown.
He has spots on his forhead. Some sort of skin desease I guess.
When I saw him he wore jeans with a grey shirt, cowboy booths whish made a metal sound when he walked.
He introduced him self as Jerry but probably has several names.
And leather belt.

We tried to find him the same day by visiting several hotels in the area and some people who saw a man mathing this discription told us that he stayed in Casa de las Flores. When I visited the hotel. Two people who worked there told me that they had a man in their hotel mathing the discription. He was not in at the moment but was going to return at six. I returned around six and asked for the manager from the hotel to tell him about this. For some strange reason he denied that he had someone mathing the discription in his hotel. He showed me one guy that was staying in his hotel but did not match the discription at all. Looked like a Mexican with brown hair.

I asked several people in the street in front of the hotel if they saw a man matching the discription and several said yes. I have the feeling that the owner knew this people and protected them. He left around six oclock the hotel, I heard later.

We also went to another hotel were he said that he was staying. They told us that he stayed there around 4 months ago and did the same trick with some other people trying the get money for gasoline. Also he was trying to sell leather jackets.

We think he is a regular visitor of Tlaquepaque every 4 months. He probably does this trick everywhere. Be aware of this conman. The thing is that he knows the law. The police told us that we have to find him in 72 hours otherwise they cant charge him. Anybody who sees this man, please make a photo and mail it to me.

If anybody has seen this man please write me a private message or email me directly at -snip- I live in Tlaquepaque and would be really glad if we can catch this guy. I am willing to travel around to find this guy.


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I am sorry to hear you were a victim of a grifter. But, I am afraid the chances of finding this person are quite small. It's sounds like he has been at this game for some time and nows the area well.

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well, well, well,
First of all nobody gives anything away for nothing. If they have the nice gesture to do so, then it is at the end of the transportation...

but, chances are that just if you take the time and proper places to follow thig guy you will be able to catch him.

post some more warnings on such thing, you will definitely help a lot more people.


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Thanks for the replies.

Posted this message on around 30 forums. Had some good tips. I know chances are small but at least people who read this will take more caution when they are aproched by this guy.

Also if I can get hold of a picture I can try and see if the immigration office can find out something. I dont think he is here on a working visa ;)and I have some friends at the American Consulate here. Can always gif it a try.