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Hey guys,
I leave for Egypt in 6 weeks- I'm sooo excited!!

Question- What is the best way to get from Luxor to Dahab?
Then, what is the best way to travel from Dahab to Cairo?

Thanks you to allwho have responded to my previous postings!! You've all been a tremendous help!

Happy travelling!
Wil from San Francisco

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My wife and I did Luxor to Dahab back in October 2002?, and we went through Hurghada and stayed there for one night. Then the morning boat to Sharm-el-Sheik and a minibus to Dahab.
We had a convoy with armed guards from Luxor to Hurghada which was slightly disconcerting but relieving at the same time.
There were minibuses at the Sharm port packing backpackers inside for Dahab, and the fare wasn't exactly huge.
Both are amazing drives, Luxor to Hurghada and Sharm to Dahab.
A bit bizarre to find quite a few restaurants in Hurg with menus in Russian and Ukranian?, but better than the "Liver and Onions" for 2 pounds 45 pence in Zakynthos back in 1997!!!
Snorkel the Blue Hole just out of Dahab, take a camel ride to the local Bedouin beach camp and, most enjoyable of all, relax at a beachfront restaurant listening to Bob Marley and drinking beer or wine while looking at the lights of some village in Saudi Arabia!!!
World's apart.
We flew Sharm to Cairo after our 4 days in Dahab for time reasons, but a couple we met in Dahab hired a minibus from Dahab to Cairo (Egyptair all booked out) and ended up in a nasty accident when the driver fell asleep. It's quite a drive from Sinai to Cairo.
If you do decide to fly Sharm to Cairo, CONFIRM CONFIRM CONFIRM CONFIRM your booking.
We didn't do that and got wait-listed at the airport. Hotel booked in Cairo and flight to Dubai 2 days away and we were sweating it.
I think my wife's evil eye convinced the desk clerk to let us on the flight, and there were about 30 people protesting about their bookings as we walked to the plane.


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thank you so much for the info!! i'm having a great deal of trouble planning my itinerary. 2 1/2 weeks in Egypt isn't enough time!!

I don't really want to spend the night in Hurghada (although the place looks beautiful), so I think I'll catch a flight from Luxor to Sharm- then get a ride from Sharm to Dahab. How long is a bus/car ride from Sharm to Dahab?

I'll definitely need a flight from Sharm to Cairo.

I had do clue I'd this trip would involve so much airtravel...

Thanks again!

Oh wait- I'm finding that there aren't flights on December 30th from Luxor (LXH) to Sharm (SSH). There are flights on the 19th and 31st- is the 30th a holiday??

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If you're on a budget I would suggest that you do what we did Oct 04. To save money we took an overnight bus from Luxor to Dahab, (the bus is not the most comfortable but it means no accomodation costs and at the time we had no interest in stopping in Hurghada or Sharm -it just looked like a mini canarie islands / teneriffe experience ). The tourist information staff in Luxor are really friendly and can help you to buy a ticket for the bus, you normally don't need to prebook them but this may be different for the time of year that you are travelling.

Hope you have a great time !!

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I think we only had about 2.5 - 3 weeks in Egypt back in 2002.
Flew Rhodes-Athens-Cairo-Aswan without a break, but so glad we did it.
Coupla nights at the New Cataract Hotel in Aswan (the Old is priced outa my league but stunning), and got a suite directly overlooking the Nile and the 3,000 old ruins of Yebu. I might have to get some pics of Aswan scanned in as the views from our balcony were probably better than the views when we staying on the clifftop of Santorini.
Got feluccaed in Aswan.
Did the trip to Abu Simbel (UNREAL!!!) one day and a boat to Philae Temple complex the next.
Took train from Aswan to Luxor (pretty cool) and stayed in another upmarket hotel (New Winter Palace) 100 metres from Luxor temple complex and right on the Nile.
Karnak was sublime, and when you do the Valley of The Kings, get to the entrance as early as you can to beat the tour groups.
Know the map and know which tomb you want to see first, before anyone else can get there.
We did that, got ahead of the crowd and had the tomb of Tutankhamun all to ourselves for 10 minutes. In fact, the tomb guard allowed my wife to crawl under the barrier and touch his tomb.
The masses were just arriving as we came out, and we were able to climb into another tomb (Tuthmosis III with carved stone sarcophogus)up a steep steel ladder and had that tomb all to ourselves as well for about 10 minutes.
You have to do Hatshepsut when you are there.
We didn't go on any organised tour in Luxor. When we got feluccaed at sunset, the young dudes in charge of the sailing touted a tour of the Valley and we bargained with them. They promised an early boat across the Nile, transport with family members on the west bank and they would take us anywhere we wanted to go till early afternoon.
Got a good deal, no waiting for the rest of a tour group, and basically got to the major sites before most tour groups had even crossed the river.
Got feluccaed in Luxor.
Spent 3 nights at the Nile Hilton, and the Cairo museum is out the back door and 100 metres away. Did the pyramids and sphinx one day, and my wife and I hired horses and rode round the pyramids for an hour.
You don't do that every day!!!
Got feluccaed in Cairo.

Egypt is fantastic,



P.S. Aswan was the bestest felluc, Cairo was average.