Planning a RTW, any advise would be much appreciated.

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Ok let me preface this by saying that i didnd see this board until after i posted an introduction, so i appologise for the double post but i thought this was a more suitable spot for this.

Hey there and greeting from NYC. I am 26/m and after much thought and research my wife and I have decided to quit our jobs and travel the world for 11 months. With respect to finances and saftey precautions, our itinerary has been worked and reworked many times. We believe that we have come up with our final destination list and tickets have started to be purchased.
We leave feb. 1, 2006 from NYC to san francisco, from there onto L.A. Fiji for 2-3 weeks then on to New Zealand where being avid hikers we plan on tramping for nearly the full 90 days alotted by our visa's. From NZ it is on to see some friends in Melbourne, Australia. There we will rent a car and drive up to sydney, then out to the mountains for yet more tramping.
This is where there has been serious changes in the route, originally bali was next, but in light of political situations it has been scratched. So from Aus it is on to Thailand for about a month. We plan on hiking in the north and diving in the south with about a week or so of Bangkok in between. From there it is Vietnam for 2 weeks or so wich is one place i would love to have some advise on.
Then we head to China, starting in Hong Kong for about a week we head to the mainland for about a month more of tramping and sightseeing. From China we head to India for about 2 weeks yet another place that we know very little about. We plan on doing the Taj then bombay and fly out of Delhi.
India to Italy (real long flight) We are looking to do 3 weeks in Italy travel by train: rome, florence, and venice. Train from venice to Budapest for a week then train to prague for 10 days. Prague to amsterdam by train and after a week stay on to London for only about 3 days because the damn dollar is so weak vs. the pound. North to scotland for a week then by plane to Ireland for the final 10 days of the trip.
We arrive home on the 20th of dec. 2006. 283 days, 15 countries, 1 greatly exciting, slightly daunting and mildly terrifying adventure. Any and all advice on absolotly any topic would be greatly appreciated. With our stuff being sold off and the realization that we are leaving in less than 90 days we are reaching out for some last pieces of advice from our fellow globetrotters.
So Thankyou if you have read all of this and thanks in advance for the advise.


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My best advice is to pack as light as possible. It gets very tiring lugging around a heavy bag. Take less and wash your clothes often. I would get a good pair of hiking boots/athletic shoes. They now make a combo that looks nice enough for hotels/restaurants and sturdy enough for trekking. Add sturdy sandals and you are set. I will PM you about Thailand and Vietnam.

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Hey there congrats on your decision. You should be fine - but Paradox is right - do pack light - you'll be really thankful for it afterwards. However there is the option of posting stuff back home or to a friends for safekeeping - that's what I ended up doing :) However to save the expense - pack only the essentials!! Take all what clothes you think you will need and then half the load - seriously it will work!! Also take copies of passports and passport no's etc. and leave them at home with a mate or something - or at least separate from the originals. Prepare for travelling around places - and budget that as much as poss without taking too much of a risk (hitchhiking with a drugged up truck driver for example ;)). Throw yourself into the unknown - get lost somewhere and enjoy!..


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I see that you like to hike! Oddly enough, Hong Kong has dozens of trails - and some that are fairly challenging. If you would like detailed info on exactly how to get to the trails, please let me know & I'd be glad to provide you the info. The nicest trails are in the New Territories & are easily accessible via public transportation. My husband & I hike a new trail every Sunday here - we love it.

Please email me directly if you want specifics - I keep detailed accounts of all of our hikes.


p.s. also know where the cheap cold brews can be had after a long hot hike!