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So I have been going crazy trying to plan my honeymoon to Europe. I am not sure were to fly into, I am not sure what cities I want to see or what will be worth it. The only thing I am sure of is I am taking the trip from July 5-24 and that the last 4 or 5 days will be spent in Ibiza.

So that gives me around 15 day to see the rest of the places I want to see.
These places Include; London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome.

Now the only solid information that I have is that the cheapest way to get to Ibiza is by charter flight from London. I know that London, Paris, and Amsterdam are all located close enough to each other that I will be able to see all of these, but I really want to go to Italy.

Is there any scenario someone could think of that I would be able to do this in a timely fashion in the amount of days I have. So I excluded certain places. The places that I want to see are far from each other. I definitely want to see Amsterdam, and I definitely am going to do Ibiza on the last leg. So I have the end of the trip on lock. I just need to figure out the beginning and the middle.

I am so confused I do not even know where to fly in and out of, I know wherever I fly into I will eventually need to end back there from Ibiza to fly home to the US.

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First off, congrats on your wedding... same problems on this end when it comes to planning the whereabouts of our honeymoon later this year.... life is so rough :)

My suggestion is to fly into Rome, especially if it is the same price as any of the other destinations. From here a train (possibly overnight) to Paris. The same from Paris to Amsterdam and then a flight to London from Amsterdam (these are quite cheap if you go low cost or book well in advance). From London you wanted to fly to Ibiza and then something from Ibiza to Rome (this might be the tricky part)... Can you get a flight into rome and departing from a different destination? That might not be too much more expensive and a round trip on a charter is definitely going to make a big difference price wise I think.

Between Rome and Paris you could also opt for a flight although I don't know how cheap/expensive this might be.

Another benefit of this set up is that you start your honeymoon with the romantic city of Rome and then Paris. Although I love Amsterdam and London, they aren't particularly romantic in my opinion...but then again, that's different for everyone

Hope that helps!


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Yeah, Sam's ideas are pretty good there.. although I must say I would plan it differently. I think I would fly into London. For one, I imagine you will be able to get cheaper flights into London than Rome, as London is more of an air hub. Spend 3 days in London, then catch a short flight across to Amsterdam (I would stick to flights all the way, considering your short time frame). Stay there for 3 days, then 4 days in Paris, then 4 days in Rome. From there get a flight back to London where you could spend another day before jetting off on a return flight to Ibiza. Then after five days you return to London en-route to home. This way you fly in and out of one place (often a key to cheaper flights) and you will manage to see everything.

3 days is about the minimum I would allow to spend in any of these cities by the way, so your timeframe really is quite tight. To be honest, I think you should cut out a city (I guess Rome), so you can relax on your honeymoon a little. Last thing you want is to come home and feel like you need a break - such a tight schedule can wear you out and may cause tensions with your new husband you don't necessarily need!!

Good luck with your planning.

Cheers, Peter