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What should I expect when renting a car in Ireland? Should I do it or is it too expensive? Any tips/advise would be grateful.

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I'm wondering how good of an idea renting a car in Ireland is too. I actually already have a trip, including a rental car, booked for first week in January. I have it all mapped out, and seems like it will go smoothly. But don't know for sure til i get there.
Any comments on a one week trip flying into Dublin staying a day and a half, heading to Waterford for a quick Crystal Factory Tour, then driving on to Cashel for 2 nights, on to Dingle PEninsula for 2 nights, on to Limerick for one night in a castle and then fliying out of Shannon??
I tried to pick some centralized places to stay to make it easy to make day trips to other towns. But being that i haven't been before, I am not sure how realistic this is.

Any opinions/suggestions would be welcomed!

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Renting a car in Ireland is like most European countries.. pretty expensive. But having said that it is by far the best way to get around Ireland. The public transport is also expensive and very unreliable.

While the distances are not far the traffic will ensure that the trips are generally slow but you will enjoy the scenery along the way and the quirky countryside views that make Ireland so great.

My tip for renting a car in Ireland would be to go with Dan Dooley or one of the other Irish car hire companies. These are all in the airport, if you walk past the well known car hire companies like Budget and Europecar etc you will see them around the corner. They are a fair bit cheaper and just as good as the others with great cars to hire. The only difference is you need to get a bus from the airport to the car to pick it up - but this is a free courtesy coach organised by the company when you book so not hard at all.

I hope you enjoy your trip - Ireland is beautiful!

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All I can say from having a background in the car hire industry (in customer service too) is not to bother with Budget. They accounted for most of our complaints.

I'd also advise you to thoroughly read what you sign. Do not sign anything you are not sure of, and be sure to ask ask ask before you sign. Also write down the name and 'rank' of all who you speak to.

As insurance and virtually everything in Ireland is pricey, insurance scams are rife. Be sure you are not signing for 'mastercover' if you don't need it. You'll come home to find an extra £100 taken off the credit card. Also, be sure that the insurance is a one off fee and not a daily one. Some customers we had came back and reported they were told the insurance was a tenner, for example, but found out it was a tenner a day.

Also be sure of what is NOT covered eg usually tyres and windows are never insured.

Keep copies of everything and use common sense at all times.

Dan Dooley seem good. I've heard nice things about them, so I think you'd do well to go there.

Have you thought about approaching a fairly friendly broker like carhire3000 or autoeurope?