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I am a 24 year old student who is going backpacking Europe this spring/ summer. I want to go to Morrocco as well as Egypt and see the pyramids. With Morrocoo I heard I can get to easily by a ferry from Spain but Egypt is a bit trickier. I need to find a place to get cheap flights into egypt. Since I was going to Greece and Italy I was wondering which place is easisest and cheapest to leap frog from into Cairo. Also do you know where I can find some cheap flights from Europe?


Ps- I leave for Paris March 30th.

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no scheduled passenger services by ship from Italy or (to the best of my knowledge) Greece. There are some freighters, very irregular, slow and quite expensive, though.

I have read that it is difficult to get cheap flights from USA to Egypt, but there are plenty from Europe. The cost of regular flights to Cairo is in the € 600 region (return). But you can strike a much better deal if you can get a seat on one of those holiday-charter-flights. I will be going Berlin-Luxor next week, and I paid only 378 € return. They normally sell out to the big travel agencies for package tours, but usually there are a couple of seats left over which they market directly. Difficult in vacation season, unless you can book early.
Should you make Germany your starting point, check with or (These sell lastminute package tours mainly- some much cheaper than just the flight!-, but also have a section of "Nur Flug" (flight only)

At this time of the year and in view of recent events in Spain/Morocco, I would recommend not to travel this route. Apart from the fact that visa for Algeria, Libya are very hard and timeconsuming to come by.

Happy travel, maybe we meet in Egypt


NB I just see that you are off for Paris. Sorry, cannot tell about the market there. Bear in mind that, if you spend any time in Europe (as you would and should), it will be VERY VERY HOT in Egypt by the time you get there

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ummm egypt dont have just pyramids
there are sharm alexandria luxor aswan
for more information msg me
there will be a tour for pharmacy student will be started at 15th of august
mail me to let you know the program and cost
well it will go to
cairo.alexandia,hurghada,sharm,dahab,luxor,aswan and mansoura
hope that helps