Anyone who has stydied Spanish in Spain?

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There are EF, Nomad, Bluebery, Avista, SI, IBS, Språkpunkten, Alhamra Intituto, IM, STA Travel...
If you know anything about any of these..good or bad doesn't matter..please write to me. I'm having a hard time deciding..
At least I think I have decided which city to go to. Either Granada or I'm also very keen to get information about these cities

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hey there..

yeh! i wanna do that sometime soon too, prolly in 2 yrs' time.
my boyfren lives in Granada, and it's a beautiful place
a small town thou, if u like the enchanting spanish culture, u'll love it there.
but im sorry i wont be able to advise u which co is good
where are u from?


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hello... I don't know anything about those schools, hope anyone can help you with that.

In any case, I spent this weekend in Salamanca and is just great if you want to learn spanish!!!! Granada is in Andalusia and the accent is far more difficult to understand. The Spanish that is spoken in Salamanca is more "pure" as they say.

Both cities are full of students, "university cities". Salamanca is colder (it was almost snowing yesterday)... Both are great to live in, great bars, great atmosphere, good food, great chances of speaking the language... Is a tough decision... If climate is a matter for you, then the choice gets easier.

Hope it helps!

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I haven't studied spanish, but i live here in Seville. I got to say that given the choice between salamacar and granada, Granada every time. Not just because it's one of the most beautiful places in spain, but it's got the beach and skiing both less than an hour away, and the night life is pretty damn good there, and there are free(decent) tapas with every drink you buy, something that is all but impossible to get anywhere else in spain.

There is an arguement that if you learn Spanish in Granada is is more difficult because of the accent. This is true, but think of it this way. If you study the "pure" accent in the north then meet people from the south it will be much more difficult for you to understand them, but if you learn to understand a southern spanish accent you won't have so many difficulties understanding other more "pure" accents. I wouldn't worry about getting a Southern accent, unless you plan to be here for a very very long time it is unlikely that you will end up speaking like them! I've been here for nearly five years, and very very few people have ever thought i was spanish....though quite a few have said i have an italian accent...and i'm british?!!

Language schools in granada tend to be small independent places, but that is the charm of Granada.

It is a very lively and friendly university city....oh and it has some great arabic baths where you can go and relax and get a massage as well!

Enjoy where ever you go.

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Ever heard of Abadat Spanish language and culture school?
The school building is a wonderfully restaured Renaissance-Palace in the historic centre of Úbeda. This town is situated in the region of Jaén/Andalusia not far from Granada and Cordoba, surrounded by beautiful mountain natural parks.

The city was declared World Herritage Site by the UNESCO because of its many remains of Renaissance and Arabic times.

The school offers courses in 6 levels, from beginner to proficiency.
Besides they do not only teach language courses, but also culture and Dele preparation courses.

Students can choose between accommodation in a shared flat, host-family or luxury apartment.

Most comfortable thing is that everyone gets his own key to the school and therefore has 24h/day access to internet, library, audiovisual room and cafetería.

If interested have a look on page !


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I went to a great Spanish languauge school for foreigners in Malaga. It was called Debla.

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