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1. Posted by katrysha (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone!

I finally took that year off from school and decided to do some long anticipated traveling!

The only problem is... I am so undecided as to where I want to go! I do know that I am spending a month in Hawaii visiting a friend, from jan6 begining of feb. After that, I planned to take off on an adventure until may. I was thinking New Zealand because I know that a working holiday Visa for a Canadian is very easy to get for this country, but I'm having second thoughts.

My basic criteria is....
The place that I decide on needs to be really warm, tropipcal would be best
I need to be able to work AND Travel (be able to get a working holida visa) in this country
It needs to be not to expensive.

My perfect expeience would be a place where I could have a job, live on the beach, swim, snorkel, meet fun people, party, relax and explore, all in a warm climate!

Does any one have any advice or suggestions on places to go, either from experience or from reccomendations?


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I have yet no experience of a working hol but will give a thought to TEFL after next year somewhere in the world.
Thailand or other countries in SE Asia are always looking for teachers for TEFL so maybe you might want to go their and its not hard to get a working holiday Visa!!!
Try 1)links at top of this page and go into 2)speciality 3)student travelling and gap year 4)work and volenteering and hopefully they will point the way for you to enjoy work,beaches,nighlife and a little sleep every 2-3days.
Wishing you a great time where ever you end up.
al de bes

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katrysha, i want a job that gives me around 2 months vacation every year. Working time between 12:00 and 14:00, but it should be flexible enught to give me time off for a coffe break at 13:00..... Oh, and i should get a minimum of 35000 € a week :)

Seriously katrysha, i would recommend you not to have such decided factor on "what to do, what do expect". Just go wherever life takes you, You will see and experience more of the world that you do. Dont be so american is all i am saying ;)


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If you want a destination that is adventurous and fun, and has all the points that you demanded in your post i would highly recommend Australia.

I visited Australia and NEw Zealand for 6 months last gap year, and i found Australia in particular to be quite a desintation.

Australia is not only tropical in parts (perhaps more so than hawaii) and has some of the worlds best rainforests, you can also snorkel in the worlds best destination for snokelling - The Great Barrier Reef. Lots of beautiful beaches in Australia especially on the Islands near Cairns, or anywhere down the seaboard.

Australia is a huge country, that is quite diverse, so if you get sick of the hotter temperatures of the north, you can head south to the major cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and have a really good time there.

I think Australias currency rate is quite similar to canada's, when i went i noted it as being quite modest with expenses. Its a developed nation, so its not going to be really cheap, but Australia does have bargains to be had.

If you want warm, i would not advise going to New Zealand. NEw Zealand is a great desintation for adventure, but its climate lets it down to an extent.

Australia is a big choice for 'gap year' students from the UK and North America, so there is a lot of help for students such as yourslelf from Australian government departments. I also found Australians in general to be quite helpful!

I hope i have helped in some way. And enjoy your trip whereever you decide to go!