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Hello all. This is my first post so bare with me. I´m looking for some people to travel with around europe for 6 weeks. I have some cities in mind. I plan to stay at 6 different places for a week at a time. I want to rent a car ( i found an incredible rate-less than 700 euros for those 6 weeks).

The multi pass that allows you to go to 18 (soon) countries for 1 or 2 months is great. Lots of cities, lots of meeting people. But whats the most you stay in one city? Perhaps 3 days per? Why not be next to the city (suburbs or outskirts)? With a car, you can stop anywhere you want, not a train. True, gas is expensive, but if divided, its good.

Next is hostels. Personally I have never stayed at a hostel before, but why not have your own room in a bungalow (cabin) or even a motor house. They have kitchens and most have pools, bars and restaurants. So, more privacy in this sense.

I live in Brasil but I´m canadian. Ive been to europe many times and drove each and every time. I love the freedom to stop where you want. My goal with this trip is to save money!!!!! I live in Brasil, not Beverly Hills.

Of course I´m willing to work with anyone(s) to make a trip that works for all. My cities I would like to go to but I wont cry over not going is:

Interlaken(Zermatt)- the earlier in trip the better. starts to get cold. I want to do some summer skiing at Zermatt (totally kick ass Matterhorn)
Prague, Vienna, Venice, Roma, Geneva.... Paris and Amsterdam you could easily throw in too. Not going to Amsterdam on any trip is a sin :)~

If this sounds like something your interested in, leave me a message. Looking forward to hearing from ya

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The multi pass is referred to the train pass youth or adult

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Hi there. Take a look at my thread

I'm planning to go late August into September (hopefully tourist season will be winding down by then... maybe not)
I can't really go any later cos I'm hoping to start my Master's degree in October.

All early stages now though so maybe we can talk.