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No-fee volunteering in Thailand

I'm looking for a worthwhile volunteer opportunity in Thailand. I'm surprised to find many organizations offering positions require the candidate to pay a fee. Are there any specific organizations that offer volunteering on a no-fee basis.

Work/support in exchange for food and/or shelter.

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have you ?


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what kind of volunteer you want to do--i know some volunteer job at tsunami volunteer and it is pretty good--i met a lot of nice people there.

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During the first 6 months after the Tsunami that was easy. However now with most of the clean up complete this is not the case any more.

Living in Thailand for more than 15 years now I first came here as a Volunteer. Although I worked for free for 2 years I had support and backing from my church in the USA and a guarantee letter from Payap University in Chiang Mai. I also had to take Thai language lessons which the university provided for free.

The view of most volunteer orgs is the money they spend for you on food they could feed 3 children and your bed could sleep a couple more children. Even during the Tsunami most of the volunteers paid for their own food and place to stay. In the case of working with childrens homes they rather have a Thai staff who knows their language, customs and can cook Thai food. The cost of hiring such persons is very cheap.

Another thing is they want to know about you first. You will need a university degree plus a police report to show you are not a pedofile (when working with children) and a medical check-up report. You will also need a non-immigrant visa so they can get a work permit for you. Even volunteers need a work permit and this is expensive and takes a lot of paperwork. You will also need a letter from the registered Org in Thailand that will guarantee all your expenses while in Thailand and a resident address.

If you can hook up with a church or University that already does volunteer work in Thailand it will be very easy for you.

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I cannot help with Thailand, but do know a worthy organization that needs volunteers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. PM me if you want more details.