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1. Posted by carolinef9 (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Myself and boyfriend have decided to head off travelling in June for 6 months to a year with a budget of 10-15K depending on how much we can get together. We're keen to experience as much as possible and would like to include South America, New Zealand and Australia and South East Asia.

This is our first draft and I'd value feedback.
I'm concerned about weather as I've heard that Deb-Feb aren't good for Asia but also not for South America as some of the trekks get flooded.
Would we have enough money with 10K? I have read the first time round the world lonely planet guide and the upper end budget is $50 for develping countries and $100 for developed countries. People seem to talk a lot about daily spends and I wonder do these figures take account of internal flights, transport and excursions. Just trying to find the best way to budget?
Are we aiming to do too much?

June, July and August: South America
Galapagos islands
Chile Argentina

Sept, Oct and Nov
New Zealand and Australia

Dec and Jan
South East Asia

Many thanks

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Hi Caroline,

Myself and my boyfriend are pretty much doing the same thing as you except we are going through Asia first, after much dicussing and changing of plans, ie going to asia then going to Sth america then going to Asia again...

Much of the dilemma /decisions came down the the weather to be honest. I have heard that the treks in SA do get pretty flooded, and to be honest Asia is not the nicest when it's wet, i'm guessing since that will be on your way home that you will want fine weather to beach it up? We are heading off next Wednesday, first stop Japan.

I reckon about 10K will be more then enough, that's roughly my budget but we have a working visa for NZ so will do abit of work there to get more if needed, but Asia is so cheap that you will survive on very little. That 10K is just spending money, everything else has been extra, it will really depend on what you want to do. We booked our tickets with travel nation in the uk, which we found was the best for getting to Sth America from NZ and worked out about 2keuros withe free flight changes.

Keep me informed of what South america is like, it would be nice to get valuable info before heading there next year, it will be on our way back home.

Best of luck with your new adventure.

Cheers ;)

3. Posted by carolinef9 (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

That's interesting. I'm also Irish but working currently in the UK so will look at that company you're flying with.

Weather is my reason for also debating timing. We're leaving in June. When do you plan to go? Trekks in SA get flooded Jan-April when the Amazon basin gets muddy.If we go to Asia first we're likey to reash SA around that time so that's why we decided to go to SA first. That way we should get to SE Asia around Jan which is outside their rainy season and good for beaches I hope!

How far in advance of going should you apply for a visa for NZ?

Will update you on SA.


4. Posted by carolinef9 (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

sorry just read your post again and see you're going Weds-makes sense for you then to head to SE Asia first

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We got our visa's back within two weeks, so the turn around for Working holiday visas is excellent, Are you planning on working in NZ / OZ.

Working holiday Visa's for Oz take a little longer to get but all are vaild for a year from when you receive them. My b'Friend got his back in Jan and i got mine in May, so he needs to be in NZ by Jan.

It's really good in SA for trekking now they say it's the ideal time to do it. We won't be there until probley Sept/Oct Next Year,
Asia should be still good for Dec/Jan.

Have fun anyway.

Ps also check out Trailfinders and star alliance.

6. Posted by carolinef9 (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I guess I can apply closer to the time then. I'm not planning to work but we may decide we want to say longer and then will probably need more money.

Wishing you a great trip