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I ask those same questions. Of course there is no way to give Australia back anymore, but I wish the government would at least acknowledge the history and try to make things as right as they can.. I could say more, but would rather let this rest as the discussion has started to go in circles.

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how to travel from Thailand to Tibet---it sounds like a spirit journey doesn't it?:)
i've never thought of this line:) ppl usually go from India or Nepal to Tibet.....another popular line is from Sichuan provnice China to Tibet, they are borders....

check here to get all the infomations about how to go to Tibet from Sichuan....there is a place called JIUZHAIGOU in Sichuan province...ppl in that place believe in Tibetan Buddism, and that place is incredible...a lot of ppl cry when they see such a beautiful place....i felt the same, it's so beautiful that i feel my mind was destoryed....u know what i mean?:D