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It seems this thread is finished.

If anyone wishes to give me any private reflections on the concept of travelling as a married person without the spouse (with or without a ring), I would probably find it interesting. Send me a message.

Yes indeed, VERY interesting evolvement as we delve into the moral aspect with respect to our worthyopposites.

Question starts, Why marry in the first place? Get divorced if it turns out you can't handle a partner who deserves equal dignity as you seek or is it a onesided role to fit your whims at all times?

Question two depicts the sad state of marriages broken down and usually the women gets the brunt and blame for the breakup resulting from discovering the "cheating" game by their supposedly "honorable husbands" who just ain't satisfied with one or have the guts to reveal he's having a harem in line and she MUST not know of his other "lusty" wantons....

So then comes the retaliatory moves by the women who felt cheated and before they end or rather start on the path of a jilted victim...their rampage also knows no limits...

What have we as a result? This breakdown of marriages perpetrated mainly by the sex-starved and hideous men that just can't or have the decency to own up in the first place but do possess the energy to cheat on their geneine partners who are from the start to devote their entire future life and body to that one person only to discover, he's turning out to be another moron for a sex maniac after all she's sacrificed and offered herself to...?

Woman have more to loose than men, lets be frank and straight here, so men have to show and behave exemplary and nOt expect or demand that their partners should think about this are too in taking consideration....I know many men would jump on this issue and ask for equal footing...WHY GET MARRIED then as I stated eearlier? Why?

I clearly am in support on Fiona's valid argument here and NO, I'm not getting delirious before anyone suggests it... but the root of it all stems from this precise nature of deception, whichever way you want to address it.

I love my wife and she gets the FULL honours despite I admit being a womaniser but to the point where the line is drawn... otherwise I should nOT get married in the first place or seek a divorce so I can retain that fiddle with infidelity and no one can stop me or tell me or place judgement on how I should subject or behave with other women....

The toll on broken marriages is not only severe if their are children involved, it is the creation of a demonic soceity bent on the lack & diminishing values of a man with a woman to start a healthy family...with or without children for the category I am also considering who adopts children eventually. Why MARRY is the question you first need to ask yourself before craeting misery to someone who should'nt be deceived by your ingenuine character? Character counts here equally! ;)

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Hmmm, I think that some people here are a little too quick to judge. We really don't know much about this guy's life, his background, his family, his relationships etc, etc. I think words such as "disrespect" are a little too harsh for a situation we know little of. And going from the original discussion to questioning the whole marital institution and calling our society "demonic" is simply laughable to me...