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im currently considering going to japan next year to teach english. ive had a bit of a look at the jet programme and it looks really good, but i was wondering if there were any other options. i would like to stay out there for a whole year and hopefully earn some dosh to help with my student debts. if anyone has any advice or tips or stories or whatever, then that would be handy.

i have a degree and have worked as a teaching assistant for a year if that helps.


joey :)

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Hey!I remember chatting to you a few months back just before I went on my round the world trip!!!Did you go away travelling yet?
Im actually doing a similar thing....I graduate in June and plan to teach English overseas with the idea of rescuing some student debts at well as be able to save!I originally was looking into China and Japan. I have recently returned from Japan and its a wonderful country, absolutley amazing!The Jet programme which you were looking into is very popular and I have a few friends who have participated in this as they really recommend it!I know a guy who is heading out there in July with them so maybe I could put you in touch with him to have a chat?I originally had my heart set on returning to Japan because I fell in love with the place....however since looking into it, I learnt that if one of your motives is to use the opportunity to save also that South Korea is a great option!The cost of living is a lot lower in south Korea and they are renowned for paying very good salaries. The wages in Japan are very good but comparative to the higher living costs over there the money is kinda relative! However, its all personal experiences!Ive decided to do the South Korea teaching programme through i-to-i next year!you might wanna check out their programmes,they all seem to be well organised, at the moment they dont have a Japan one but they have China, Thailand, Poland.....but who knows in the future maybe they will branch out into Japan?!Also have a look at Cross-Cultural soulutions and the actual TEFL website!A friend of mine who has worked teaching in several countries always advises to just organize it all independantly so it would be just up to what you felt comfortable with!Get in touch if you want to chat about it!Im really excited!

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hi, thanks for the reply! yeah, i rememeber talking to you too. i have been travelling and still am. i'm in sarawak in borneo at the moment. ive been in s.e. asia for the last four months. through thailand, laos, vietnam, cambodia, malaysia and now borneo. i'm headed for macau and hong kong next and then will be home in time for xmas!

im having the absolute best time ever and have falle in love with asia! i reckon i will end up teaching english somewhere. maybe korea? ive met tons of people who have worked all over... taiwan, korea, japan, hong kong etc. but its japan that really fascinates me.

but i am also considering going to volunteer and then travel in east africa. as much as i love asia, it is a little bit more tame than i had imagined and im ready for something a bit more rewarding and adventurous. ive done some volunteering on this trip and its such a great feeling to give something back.

who knows what i'll end up doing? something fun, difficult and challenging though this time. spent too much time drunk, hungover or on a beach on this trip. haha.

nice to hear from ya again

joey :)

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hey! im currently working in japan teaching with Nova and i'm having a fantastic time here! there are a few options in the way of teaching... 1. nova - easy to get the job, the provide you with accom and the company isnt so bad to work for. 2. ECC, AEON or Berlitz are the other english schools which seem kind of the same as nova from what friends have told me. or 3. Jet which is ok cause you get to work in schools but some jet teachers that i know have been put out in the middle of no where and they live by themselves. but its up to you - make the move, this country is nuts! but you begin to love it very quickly.

have fun, and happy travels, Amanda

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good to hear from you!glad to hear your enjoying yourself!I got back in september and Im feeling all nostalgic and missing travelling and being back to the stresses of real life!enjoy the last leg of your trip!!!!keep in touch, we may end up teaching in the same vicinity!!!!

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i would also like to get into the JET program, but there are no such program allocated for my country, Malaysia

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hey if you check out online there are so many different programmes and options you could try out!good luck!

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Check out www.teachinginjapan.com

This should give you allthe answers you need.


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You can make good cash here in Japan and live well. I made about 2500US per month when I arrived 3 years ago and am now up to 3500 in my 3rd year here. Depending in your goals there are lots of options. The easiest being the MCSchools-NOVA,GEOS,AEON. If you are here for a year they hook you up with an apt, phone,work visa and group of coworkers/friends. But if you have teaching experience you may find it a little dry. You can always start there you get your bearing a move on.
My advice is build yourself a schedule with mix of part time jobs and private students. However this is only practical if you have some cash to tide you over when you get here and plan to be here for at least 2 years. With a degree and teaching experience you should find a job in less than 2 week in Tokyo maybe more in the countryside.
I also hear great things about the JET program especially if you want to work in a small local area and get a feel for the country outside the metropolis.
If you decide to come drop me line and I can try to help you out.

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Just a word from an ex-JET who spent 3 years truly out in the middle of nowhere - it was amazing!! You have the best of both worlds: the real 'old-japan' country experience, with localsold and young who totally adopt you and who change your life as well as you theirs. On the other hand it's always easy to go to the cities at weekends etc and experience the other side. My city friends loved venturing out to 'my mountain' and they always bemoaned the fact that they didn't feel so much a part of a community as I did. Of course, it depends what kind of experience you want and what you make of it, but having been someone who'd always lived with siblings/friends i discovered a love of independence and solitude!! So anyway, don't be put off by the possibility of being a country dweller if you're thinking of heading to japan.