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Can anyone help? I want to backpack from England to Australia via Europe without getting on a plane. Is this possible? Where do I get info on ferry crossings? There seems to be plenty for crossing the English Channel on the internet but not for crossing the Med or anywhere else

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I know that it is possible to make the journey you are talking about. Its more of a matter of choosing a route and making sure you get any applicable visas. I don't know what the requirements would be for visas since you are from the UK and I don't know your route.

Crossing the English Channell would be easy enough, I think you can even take a train under it these days. From there you can hitchhike/train/bus it across Europe, into Russia, into Khazakstan, into China, through South East Asia, into Singapore where you can ferry to Oz.

Another way would be again by foot/train/bus..
France to Germany, Austria, formerly Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, into India, where you could catch a boat to Aus or continue on through Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Boat it from there.

I am sure there are plenty of other route options, but the point is the same. Overland travel is possible to the point of Singapore at which time you would have to catch a boat. Just plan on having to walk a bit at border crossings or at least switch trains, once you get out of the EU.

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Hi Hushy,

Yes, as Ian says, it is possible and there are many, many possible routes. There are ways to cross the med, but unless you are going a very roundabout way, you don't need to cross it at all on the way to Oz.

One amend from Ian's suggested foot/train/bus route - Myanmar is essentially closed at the moment, especially to independant travellers, so you have to get around that. The easiest route is approx via Trans-Sib Moscow-Beijing and down through China-Vietnam etc.

The hardest part is actually the last bit - getting from Indonesia to Australia, even though it's only a short distance. For a while it's the only part which you cannot do using conventional timetabled poublic transport, although it's always been possible to use freighters or yaughts. With the opening of the Northern end of the Ghan in OZ, the chances of a regular service opening up are much greater, whilst the number of freighters is also rising.

Amongst other places to check, for first hand information have a look at - some old friends from school who are are currently in Sydney having left the UK on their way around the world without flying.

HTH and good luck with your planning.

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Nice plan!

How about reading this one for inspiration: