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1. Posted by nordantill (Budding Member 3 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

It's kind of sad that the backpacker community in general has become so homogenic in picking travelling routes. Most people seem to go to either sout east asia, India etc. I'd like to hear from people who have travelled in more rare places such as centrals asia, Angola, Chad, Cameroon,Congo, Congo-Kinshasa (aka Democratic republic of Congo), Equatorial Guniea,Cenral African republic. I'd like to hear from those of you who have been there how it to travel in such far flung places where you constantly are putting your self in risks. Is it always scary? Or does the bad reputation that these places have somtimes turnout to be wrong?
Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you who have been to any of these places.

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It's true....but i've also met people who are travelling in Thailand or Malaysia or popular places like that, but who do it in a completely different way to most backpackers and go to tiny little towns and villages in the middle of nowhere and have a amazing time - places the lonely planet guide hasn't even heard of. There is still so much of these countries that hasn't been explored yet. So although going to countries where hardly anybody ever goes is real hardcore travelling and must be an incredible experience, so is going to well travelled places and finding a rare spot that not many people know about. Have you gone to any of these countries?

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Goto Maldova. There is a small city approx 80 clicks south-south-east of Chisinau that did not want to break ties with a Communist past. They did not reconize the independence the country declared in 1991. It is a small Communist stronghold with Russian built tanks and armed guards at its main gates. You may only gain access into the enclave with the right person, a local that will guide you past the guard with a proper brib. Once through the gates it is remarkable how clean and manicured all the lawns and homes are. THe city state runs like a swiss quartz, it is almost eerie how well everything seems..almost too good.