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I am planning a journey to Brazil which will hopefully entail an Ayahuasca ceremony. Can anyone lend some advice and is it feasible to drive in a camper van??
thank you

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Hello, How strange! I just logged on seconds ago and was about to post a similar message. I have been researching online for the last couple of hours about where and how i can find a shamen to go through the Ayahuasca ceremony, only I am looking for somewhere in Peru.

Im not sure about driving, but a found a couple of websites that may be of interest from companies who arrange ceremonies.

Try:, or

Sorry non are in Brazil but thought they may help give you ideas.

Good luck on your journey both in mind and body


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I believe it is in Peru or somewhere in South America that is not Brazil, because I haven't heard anything like this ceremony in Brazil.

I just excuse you because as we all know the Geography classes in the USA are not that good, hehehehhe

Anyway, needing help in Brazil, remembering that Buenos Aires is in Argentina, let me know


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Thanks Guil,
I'm not to sure about the whole educational system in the US, much less the geography. lol. I'm just now getting the info together. Should I believe the hype about driving through Colombia? I think your right about Peru as well, I found a spot called "Sachamama" for the ceremony, heard of it??