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It's possible I'm being a paranoid pre-trip first time backpacker, but does anyone have experience of getting taxis from Lima after pretty late arrivals? My flight's landing at about 10.30 and I've booked a hotel as close as humanely possible but still need to find a lift there. The stories about swarms of variable taxi drivers are all over travel guides and websites....and I can just see myself being dazed and stupid after a 17 hour flight.

Any calming (or even not calming, so long as it's true) advice would be very fantastic!

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If you're not locked into you hotel and don't mind hostels, you might want to book into a hostel (Miraflores or Barranco), as many of them will arrange a pick up for you. It's still basically just a taxi, but they only use drivers that they can count on, otherwise bad business for them. I was in your same shoes not long ago, and the hostel taxi arrangement worked great. You may want to check with your current hotel, they might be able to do the same thing. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to go with the company that has a desk there at the arrival terminal (can't remember the name, something with green in it I think) and not with any of the hundreds of other drivers that will be harrassing you. It might cost you a bit more, but probably much more reliable. I had an entire day to kill in Lima and had one of those drivers take me around the city, drop me off for a while and then pick me up again in the afternoon to get me back to the airport. Again, I probably paid more than necessary, but the guy was spot on.

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Cheers John.

Unfortunately I am slightly locked into the hotel, which was helpfully recommended as the 'safe' way forward by the agency I bought the flights from - meaning I went for it despite the fact it is about quadruple my budget (I'm hostelling the rest of the time, so in future I'll remember the pick-up suggestion). I'll look out for the taxi stand with green in it, though - it is at least reassuring to know one exists!

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