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Hello everyone, im new to this site so bare with me.

A year ago I spent 2 amazing weeks in England (one week in London and another in Newcastle)where I met this wonderful british man. Six months after I returned to the United States, he agreed to come spend two weeks with me in Kentucky. He feel in love with everything about Kentucky and decided that I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, so he basily gave up everything to come over here for 3 months and find a job(He has a college education,and has worked for well known papers in england as a graphic artist). Before we knew it the three months were over and he still had not found a job, so he had to return to England. Heart broken, we are both trying to understand all of these complex visas and are trying to find ways to establish a life together here in the states. If anyone could help us it would be truly appriciated!!


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get married!

or BUNAC may offer you a Brit Visa to live with him in Jolly England.

take a look at the Bitish Consulate websites for additional info.

Im doin the opposite - livin as Expat Americano in Britain so I can understand the confusion with Visas....its a nightmare.

good luck

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hey Bex
also Peep this forum post

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I agree! Why don't you just marry him and live in England together?? Problem solved!............ :-)

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Get works out great...he gets an american green card and you get a british passport. Then you can live in GB or he can move back to the U.S and will not have to worry about getting a company to sponsor him. Or you could look into a Working holiday makers can live in the U.K for up to two years and work for half of the that time. Good luck with your search..I hope everthing works out for you and your boyfriend.

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Im in the same situation myself as I have plans to move to New York in around a years time and Im facing numberous visa problems, luckily the company I was working for has offered to sponsor me but not Im torn as I dont want to feel indebted to this company coz I want to work somewhere else! possibility is to do one of these learning progression programmes.Its expensive but you get a visa for 18 months which you can extend after the time is up.
Seriously if I were you I would go ahead ang get married. You know what they make it so hard for people!I know several people who have got married to obliging friends to get their visa and your in a different situation...youve found a geuniune relationship and if hes prepared to move all the way to the US then its serious, so why not get married????thats definatley what I would do!!!!