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I know im being really lame in having to ask this, but I have just been trying to organise other parts of my RTW trip first.
So far just as an idea of price for my RTW ticket I am flying santiago to buenos aires to sao paulo. I want to change all this though. It seems pretty pointless travelling down to Patagonia and having to backtrack to catch a flight.

I have 3 months to see Chile, Argentina and a very small part of Brazil. I would love to see the the atacama desert in north Chile as well as Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. Another must, is the Iguazu Falls. Apart from this im a bit lost at this stage of my planning.

I need to come up with a route, doing mostly overland travel with possibly two flights that are covered by oneworld, starting in Santiago and finishing in Rio.

So what is the best route for this? I mean for example, could i possibly fly down to Punta Arenas from Santiago and head overland up to Buenos Aires, or would i miss out on too much between Santiago and Punta Arenas? Same goes for Tierra del Fuego to Buenos Aires.

Any advice appreciated, i am a total novice to all this.

2. Posted by robgmiles (Budding Member 14 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

just though i should mention i will be there in jan/feb/march

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I think than with three minths, you have enough time to travel more by land and if you fly from Santiago to Pta. Arenas, you are going to miss the best part of Chile. In that case, start in the north, Atacama desert, and fly from Antofagasta to Santiago.

Catu XD

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Hi There,

I envy your RTW trip!

My boyfriend and I are planning a three-week trip to Argentina and Chile, and thought you might be interested in our itinerary. We will start our trip Dec. 13, so nothing here is verified but do watch my travel log for updates.

1. Fly to Buenos Aires - 4 days
2. Montevideo - 2 days
3. Fly to Ushuaia - 4 days (would love to cut it a day short but cannot get the flight)
4. Fly to Punto Arenas then bus to Puerto Natales - 1 day
5. Torres del Paine - 1 day (need help here! We cannot find a full day tour for Dec. 25, Christmas Day)
6. Perito Moreno Glacier, bus to El Calafate - 1 day
7. Bus to Boriloche - 2 days
8. Boriloche - 2 days
9. Ferry to Punto Montt - 1 day
10. Fly to Santiago - 2 days

As you can tell, we would love to spend 4-10 days in Torres del Paine, and take the cruise/ferry between Punto Arenas to Punto Montt. You have the time, so do think about that.

Good luck


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I´d recommend you, if you have 3 months, also to do the uyuni saltplains in Bolivia, then you end up, or start in San Pedro de Attacama.

3 moths for argentina, bolivia, brazil and chile and thats enough, I think. This might be an option: (or the other way around, ofcourse!!)

this could be an option:

santiago-ataccama (plane?)
attacama-uyuni (bolivia, salt plains!!)- ataccama
bariloche-pto madryn
pro madryn- rio gallegos-el calafate
el calafate -chalten- el calafate
el calafate- torres del paine
torres del paine-pto natales
pto natales-pta arenas
pta arenas-ushuaia
ushaia-buenos aires (plane, cheap if you book early!)
buenos aires- Iguazu
Iguazu - brazillian southcoast
brazillian southcoast- sao paulo
sao paulo- rio