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hi...those of you passing through Iran, let me know when here and perhaps i may be able to make your stay here easier and more enjoyable...we have a beautiful country and it would be a shame for you not to take a part of it with you....wishing u all a safe and happy trip...:)

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If you need more information on getting around in Pakistan and need to know best places to visit, please do bother me to ask the questions. I am also a helper in this forum.

Take care

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Dear friend,
It is really easy to take a train from Turkey to Iran (Istanbul to Tehran). It costs you about 5 us dollars.

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Can anyone please tell me is it safe to enter into Quetta from Zahedan.I will be travelling from Istanbul to Quetta and then to Islamabad.
I plan to travel from Istanbul to Tehran ,taking the train on Wednesday ,26th of december 2007.Can I get train ticket from Istanbul at the station keeping in mind that eid festival will be around these days?
Will I have to travel from Tehran to Bam by train and then will have to take bus from Bam to Zahedan ?I have read that on wikitravel.Can anyone please confirm that?
From Zahedan what is the most convenient and practical way of reaching Quetta?Does the train still operate between Zahedan and Quetta.Will I be able to buy ticket at the station,Keeping inmind the eid festival?
Is it safe to enter Pakistani Balochistan and travel to Quetta?
Thanks guys for your help

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hello i am planing to drive from london to bangladesh this summer.
what i need is the names of all the border crossing of all the countries from london to bangladesh.
and some advice what kind of roads i will ecounter.
and do i need to get all my visas in england or can i get them as i go along.