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Ibiza town or San Antonio...Please help

Travel Forums Europe Ibiza town or San Antonio...Please help

1. Posted by heff (Budding Member 63 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

G'day peoples
I am going to go to Ibiza next year in July and am wondering what is better Ibiza town or San Antonio? I heard San Ann was more laid back???

I am not into trance music though...anything but trance is cool.

I know thay are about half an hour from each other but any suggestions will help. And if you can be bothered tell me everything you know about ibiza.

Thanx guys

P.S when is the absolute best time to go??

2. Posted by Floorder (Budding Member 19 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

san antonio is full of English. No offence, but I´d advice Ibiza Town, be there in summer: july, august, or, if you want to relax: may or june or september.

3. Posted by Twinkle (Respected Member 1112 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hello!It depends on what you are looking for?I spent 2 summers working out in Ibiza a couple of years back and I would personally recommend Ibiza town. I hated San Antonio...its typically full of the 18-30 crew, drunken young teenagers lying on the the end of the night the main area of bars can be seen swimming in blood, vomit, the occasional syringe and well...stuff that should be found in the toilet!!!!Theres a lot of fights, its crazy, raucious and certainly not laid back!Its aimed more towards younger people maybe 17ish....the possitive points of this area are that Cafe Del Mar, Savanna, Mambo...are all up that area, which are a lot more laid back and a definate must see for the famous sunsets with great dj sets playing chill out!
Ibiza town is totally different, its very cosmopolitan and a lot more sophisticated...its good for fabulous restaurants, really cool bars, shopping and celebrity spotting!!!Its an older crowd than san an, people in their 20s all the way to aging hippies and ravers!!Its a lot more expensive, expect to pay a LOT for drinks around here in the most popular bars, hoever theres plenty of little places you can enjoy drinks!But I love this place!!!Also I know you said you werent into trance, but what about funky house and other dance music as you have places such as Pacha and El Divino in Ibiza Town which are amazing!
Another Option would be San Antonio Bay.....its a lot quieter that San An town and theres plenty of really cheap bars, decent places to eat and the beaches are better!Theres a really cool place to watch the sunsets up there, a bit of a walk but its fantastic...Its called Kamaras (or something like that) and its built al fresco in an old windmill!also you could check out a great little place called Absolut which has really yummy food and decent music!!!!A lot of the clubs are set right in the middle of the island anyway in the middle of nowhere so you have to either taxi or bus it from wherever you decide to stay!
anyway hoped this helps!anything else just send me a message!and let me know if u have fun and what you thought of the place!im sure you will love it!!!!oh yeah best time to go, its busiest July-August and the weather is best then!Also septemeber is great as they have all the closing parties which are really fun!