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huh.... i just can't figure it out myself...
I'm off to Thailand in 3 months for 6 weeks then off to NZ to ski for 6 weeks, and then hopefully settling in OZ for as long as possible and working... these are my dilemas-

- travel insurance. obviously i need cover for thailand and skiing in NZ, but if i land a job in OZ, do i need full travel insurance to live there? i'm from the UK so think i get medical cover... anyone worked over there and know what the deal is?

- is it worth taking a tent or sleeping bag to thailand or will it just be unnecessary baggage considering the price and abundance of cheap accomodation in Thailand, and that i wouldn't need in NZ due to sub zero temperatures and need for proper accomodation?

- what do i do for the next 3 months. the wait is killing me!!!!!????

(i had a liquid lunch so sorry if this doesn't scan too well... )

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Hi Olly,

Would'nt worry about it. I'm seveeral hours into a liquid dinner right now

Sorry, can't help with the insurance thing. With regard Thailand, this is all second hand info, but most people say that a tent isn't worth the effort of carrying in SE Asia, whilst sleeping bags go about 50/50. If your bag is from Britain it might be that it will be too hot/not very good in the humidity anyway. Virtually everybody i know that's been there has ended up dumping/selling their bags/tents as the accom is so cheap and they can't be bothered to carry the stuff. But I've never persoanlly been, so can't give you first hand info.

And the last question is by far the hardest, and i can't really help except to suggest working extra jobs and staying as occupied as possible, and also not doing the same as a mate from Uni did - in the 2 month wait before his trip, he managed to drink away virtually all of his svaings, so his 6 month trip ended in 3 weeks...

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Hi Olly,

As for Thailand: Don't bring a tent!! I've been there twice, my first time there was 8 years ago in January with a 5 year old kid. Even with a kid, I stayed at guest houses and we managed with our silk "sleeping bags", the best investment I made for that trip. I only met a very few people using tents, at one of the islands (Koh Samet) where camping was free.

Should you decide you'd like to camp, then buy a second-hand tent in Bangkok, Khao San Rd., here you can also get second-hand sleeping bags, hiking boots, warm clothes, etc. etc. If you do go the north of Thailand it can get quite cold at night, so you might need a bit of extra clothes. Which of course can be sorted when you get to Thailand.

Enjoy your trip!!