Anyone know if you have to show bank statements arr in oz/nz

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Anyone advise if you have to show bank statements to arrive in oz and nz? on a tourist visa (not work )?

Also anyone tried Wwoofing? any recommendations of good locations/farms would be most grateful


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as far as I am aware not on a tourist visa, as long as we have a return or onward (RTW) ticket and evidence that we can support ourselves whilst in their countries (eg credit card!) that is sufficient. At least that is the advice I have been given . . .am I right (would like to know if it is any different!!)


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Hey Nicnac, you shouldn't have to show a bank statement at customs for a tourist visit. In fact, you shouldn't have to for any visit (I presume you mean at customs). I've entered Australia on three different visa types (trainee, working holiday and permanent resident) and they've never needed any bank statements. The only time I had to show any evidence of finances was when applying for the working holiday visa, as it is a requirement for that one. If no-one from an embassy told you to have a bank statement, there is no reason to worry. Hope this helps.

As for volunteer work, I picked up some brochures from a stand at the backpacker expo the other day about conservation tours out of Melbourne. I'll admit, I haven't really looked at the brochures properly yet, but I spoke to the woman at the stand and she said they have free day programs and $30 a night programs (includes food and accommodation!!) that run for a few days. If you're interested in that kind of stuff let me know and I'll dig up the information.

Cheers, Peter

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You don't have to show bank statements if you are not intending to work. I'm not sure about Oz, but if you get a working visa for New Zealand you have to prove on arrival that you have sufficient funds - at the moment this is $4200 NZ about £1600. Check out for more info.

I'm hitting NZ in November to work for 6 months. I don't know about WWOOF but I've signed up to 2/3 agencies in the uk which have branches in NZ. The best one is Adecco. If you are willing to work in exchange for room and board, check out

Good Luck