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Me and my girlfriend are currently planning a trip through SE Asia for March next year. One of the things we plan to do is climb Mt Fuji, and are looking for some advise on what clothing to take? The quandry being, everywhere else we're going will be pretty warm, so don't want to take a sh*t load of hiking gear, boots etc just for one climb. How cold does it get, do you need full on hiking boots, or would a decent pair of trainers do? Any info would be useful?


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Hey there!youre adventurous...we only looked at Mt Fuji, no attempts to climb, but its amazing and I think its really great what you are doing!check out the lonely planet guide book they have a big section on mt fuji including routes, guides, weather advice etc so that could really help you and put you in touch with someone who can shed some light!Hope that helps!Its the best I can offer!

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Hi there,
Sounds like an awesome trip! Some things to consider about Mt. Fuji before you go...
Firstly the main routes for climbing Fuji are only open during July and August. At other times of the year I think you can climb some routes, but you will need winter climbing equipment - probably not just hiking boots.
I might be wrong, so I'd definitely look into this is I were you. Fuji is much higher than anything we have in this country, and it gets absolutely freezing at the top in July, let alone in March. Bear in mind though, that although Tokyo isn't the cheapest place on Earth, you can always buy your (Fuji-specific) climbing stuff there and then send it home when you've climbed Fuji, meaning that you won't have to lumber it around with you for months on end.
Hope it all goes well!