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1. Posted by PAULUK (Budding Member 11 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi All,
You've got a young newbie in town, yea its mee!

Well i came across this site whilst at work, working of course! and thought i should join and post some stuff...

I and a friend of mine are looking to go camping together for the 1st time, i am just wondering the best things to buy and take with us, we are two young lads both in our early teens, i have the benefit of having a car though and yes, having a licence to go with it! we hope to go sumwhere out the way away from our home towns of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire but staying in the UK.

We have been looking and have seen camping gear, such as tents in the Argos book, any thoughs on these?

Cheers for now hope you all stay well!


2. Posted by PAULUK (Budding Member 11 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

forgot to add, looking to go to costal areas


3. Posted by PAULUK (Budding Member 11 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

anyone? and dont worry we arnt the usual teenagers that are the awful loud lager louts , just going for a tast of teh outdoors, we aint geeks either



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Never camped out on an English coast - I think the cold would stick in the marrow of me bones and haunt me for life! But a lot of people have raved about Cornwall?

The last place I camped at was Dartmoor National Park (just a 30min drive from Cornwall actually) and it was nice.

A bottle opener is the one thing that proved v important. A frisbee for entertaining yourselves. And skewers are great fr cooking! (I hope you're bringing a little portable gas steve since you have the car?) Nice little gem for quick coffees and that.

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Search on the web for camping or hiking "checklists". You probably won't need every item on the lists but 80-90% of the items are useful. You can shrink that list even more if you want to travel super light. But since you have a car, some extra weight won't kill you.

We're are you headed? There's a chance I might be moving to your area next year. I hear the english national forest is pretty nice.

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we whipped up a tent in a few places around Northumberland but when it somes to technical stuff I have a clue, i just got in on the action coz it beat going to the local pub for the night!!!im not too great with the outdoors malarky to be honest, i was freezing!go somewhere likes blacks or millets for advice on equiptment and stuff, i was in the bookshop the other day aslo and i Spotted a book about camping spots in englad so maybe it would be an investment!my next door neighnour always goes camping around the lake district!