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1. Posted by blue_eyes (Budding Member 8 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey everybody,

Im going to Peru in April as part of an overland tour and have 2 options regarding the inca trail:

1. The 4 day trek
2. Getting the overnight train and spend a few days in Cuzco.

I am 19 and reasonably fit but I have a back/hip problem which could be exacerbated by the 4 day hike. Without this i would definitely do the hike. What should I do?

Im tempted to risk it and go on the hike as I think that this option would be more rewarding and how can I go to Peru and not do the prper hike!?However doing this is likely to make my hip hurt for the rest of my 6 week trip. Cuzco does seem like a cool place and someone I know said they would have liked to have spent more time there. I'd also rather not have hip problems!

Does anybody have any recommendations? Is the inca trail hike a must or is it also a good option to go by train?
I have to decide soon because of the pre-booking thing.

Any help you can give me will be much appreciated!


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About if you should or not do the inca trail, I think none of us could have a word on it, the one is your doctor.
As an option, in Cusco I saw different options of trail, most of them cheaper, that takes alternative paths where horses and mules were allowed. Maybe you could take one of this tours, they seemed as good as the inca trail, just less known, and the experience... worth it.


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I'd choose option #2. That's what I did, enjoyed some time in and around Cusco (visiting pisac, and some towns with markets, etc.), then the train to MP (be sure to spend a night in Agua Calientes so you don't have to leave MP to catch the train the same day you arrive, that way you can stay up on the ruins later and then return the next morning also).

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I'm with Travel100.
My wife and I did Machu Picchu back in March by train and spent a night in Agua Calientes.
Nice spot and you can get up early the next day and get to the ruins before the trainloads of tourists arrive.
We got there on the first bus of the morning and Machu Picchu was shrouded in cloud and mist.
By mid-morning the mist was rising from the valleys and the ruins became fully visible.
A magic morning.


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A dissenting voice, do the Trail. If and ONLY if you feel comfortable witht the decision. Obviously I'm not you and don't know how your hip will react (sections of the Trail are quite difficult even with a good hip!) but I could almost argue that I got more out of the Trail than MP itself. It's fantastic. Then again, I'm not a doctor, though I do play one on TV (sorry crappy American joke). You'll obviously have the final say, go with whatever you feel is best.

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I did the inca trail last August and was nice.

There is a option for just one day trail, it is easy and you can be lite.


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