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Hi everyone!
im stuck. there are so many different options for what i could do and need to dec asap.
i have never been overseas and am halfway through uni, but am def taking at least a year off cos i don't reaaly know if i should be there.
i am travelling by myself and this worries me a little, was going with friends and then a sister, but people are prone to changing their mind and that is now not really an option.
ok my first idea is to get a basic student ticket and fly north am (camp councelling, cos i feel that would be a good way to start and meet fellow travelors poss) then to europe - africa - asia - home(australia)
other ideas i have had are trying to get a job on a cruise ship as this would give me a bit of a feel of being away and test how long and where i would really like to go
or thirdly, maybe just getting a oneway ticket to london or somewhere to work.
i have nearly $10 000aud, so dunno if this will be a enough.

i don't know if anyone is actually able to help or if i just need to figure it out, my friends are being patient listening to me, but i just don't know!interested if anyone has any opinions on this...

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Hi, and welcome . . you have come to the right place!

The world is your oyster, and your ideas sound good . . to take them the next step it might help to decide what you are hoping to get from your travels. Make new friends, explore, culture, adventure?

You may also want to consider which countries/continents you are really interested in . . remember you do not have to do it all at once!

The things that helped me most, was exploring this website and reading travel books . . . .

Whatever you do, good luck . . I am sure you will have a fab time.


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Hey, Kater

Well i've read over your post there and it sounds like you're sitting in pretty good standing with as much australian $ as you have. I'm currently in China right now and if you've ever spoken to anyone who's been in s.e asia you'll know that everything is dirt cheap. basically for about 500 aussi dollars i can live quite nicely for a whole month, bear in mind that doesnt account for the free appt that im staying in but comparatively speaking im really living it large to how i was back in canada. I've been to german 2 times and been to sweden as well. Europe is quite a lot more expensive than anything you'd find in south east asia. You could do europe on a cheap ass budget and still could do it cheaper in asia living a very very nice lifestyle. If i were you'd explore my options in s.e asia and then go from there. If you have any questions about china or other places in s.e asia feel free to email me at b_yep69@hotmail.com

good luck,

Ps. travelling in most s.e asian countries by yourself is ok, just be careful