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It just dawn on me, that some of you expressed ideas about working along the way on your journeys. Beware that there are labor laws about foreigners working in each country. In the US, if you don't have permit (green card) chances are you can not work. Of course, there are many illegal aliens being hired in the US, but that is against the law. I don't know, if there is any exception for those who just work a month or two, as they travel through. But then, they reason why, many countries make sure that visitors have a return ticket, and enough money in the bank, is that they don't want visitors to compete with their labor force. It would be beneficial to us, travellers, if you can post the labor laws of your country here.
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Good idea to start this thread.. I've been noticing quite a few people asking whether they would find work in Australia while on their tourist visas. Well, that's quite illegal here! There have been raids of farms and such where travellers have been busted. If you want to work in Australia you quite simply need a working visa. The easiest to get is the working holiday visa, which will let you work for three months at a time for any single employer. As such, you aren't particularly likely to get a great job, but it is perfect for fruit picking etc.. for any longer periods than this, you would need a proper work visa, which requires an invitiation from an employer I believe - not easy to get and usually you would be planning on staying here for a while.

For more information on the working holiday scheme in Australia, you should have a look over Sam's rather comprehensive article on it under the 'tools' heading.

Cheers, Peter

p.s. before this thread progresses too far, it is worth noting that although many travellers have ideas of working illegally while on holidays and I'm sure there are many tips to help you out if you would want to do that, we don't want to hear those tips here (see rules) ! I'll edit them out if anyone tries ...

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One quick note on the subject is it seems relatively easy to get a UK work permit if you are a common wealth citizen with a parent or grand parent from the UK... such is my case having been born in Canada... I don't know how this would help going to OZ, but for those planning on going there, I would guess there is a similar program.

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As far as working in the USA goes, if you are from Canada or Mexico there is something called NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Act, which means that anyone who is either a citizen of Canada or Mexico can get a job in the US, and of course Americans can get jobs in Canada and Mexico, etc.

Canada is part of the Commonwealth, also, so we have agreements with several Commonwealth countries, including NZ, OZ, the UK, etc, as well as the Netherlands and Germany (not CO countries) and a few others, to provide citizens of those countries with a Working Holliday Visa, and they provide ours with one also. Of course there are different requirements to get a WHV from each country, but this does enable one to work legally in other countries.

Canada also has an agreement of trade with Chile, and you see this advertised on Canadian TV from time to time, called the Canada-Chile Act where we could work in Chile and Chileans could come up to Canada to work.

So that is the spiel about Canada, anyway, in case any of you were wondering. . . . To come here you need the required documents (visa), to get a SIN number when you arrive and open a bank account because many companies now pay their employees with direct deposit.

So there you have it!


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Just as a follow-up to Steph's post, the Visa and SIN thing apply to Canadians working in the States as well. My friend was hired down there, but because it took too long to get a Visa and SIN, they went with someone else. I felt super bad for him! Bureaucracy...grumble grumble... I know a few people that have worked illegally in the States in restaurants and such, but I don't know how they found that work. I guess word of mouth.

Katie ;)