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Im planning on going to Australia anytime soon and am just about to apply for a working visa. As i've never done anything like this before and it looks like Im doing it alone I just wanted to know how difficult it is going there without a job and only a small amount of money. I have saved the alleged £2000 needed to start with.

Not really sure what job I would like to do but I guess anything from office work to fruit picking as long as I make enough money to get by. Ive been planning on signing to a work and travel company that will cost £230 and will sort my visa out in "48 hours" which will cost another £75. So thats £305 in total...I'm clever :)
Do visas always cost this?

Im not really sure I'll find a job any easier even though they say they will help and the only other good things they offer is two nights accommodation when I arrive, "meet and greet" at the airport, and set you with a mobile phone but I read thats at a "test stage".

I'm a little skeptical about paying for services which I'd be able to do by myself for nothing.

Would it be better to just up and go?

After reading the messages on this website most people seem to be going there without these travel companies and are doing ok and that is giving me some kind of courage to do it too.

Any advice would be much appreciated?

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Applying for your visa online is painless and only costs 60 quid. www.immi.gov.au If your not fussy what kind of job you do then you should be able to pick up work fairly easily in Sydney or out in the countryside doing harvest work. When you get to Oz, just pick up one of the dozens of free backpacker magazines that are on offer and flick through the back pages. For harvest work check out the harvest trail on www.jobsearch.gov.au or again the magazines or local newspapers. As for the phone, just take your own and get an Aussie sim card when you arrive, you pay $30 and they sometimescome with $30 of credit, so in essence a free sim.

In short, cut out the middle man and save yourselfsome pennies.

Good Luck,


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Hey patience. Yeh go on the internet and get ur visa, i got mine online, and get a reaply the same day. it cost me 75 pounds. Ive been in Adelaide for 4 months staying with relatives but the papers contain jobs, but i just door nocked with cv's. I got a job at a car wash but u can try just about anywhere.

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Thank you very much.

Few other things...

•As ive never been backpacking before and never been to Oz what things should I bring to start with? Kind of clothes etc... Im assuming I shouldn't bring too much.

•What is the "best" place to go? Most places are probably nice. Sydney seems to be the main place people go but I was thinking of starting in Perth,(cheaper flight than a flight to Sydney?), which I believe is on the west coast and making my way to sydney through Adelaide and Melbourne. Ideally i'd love to be in Sydney end of 06 as the ashes will be on over there.

•Depending on which place I start should I arrange accomodation before I leave and maybe even try and sort a job out?

Any advice on decent places to stay that are cheap would be great.

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Hey, Perth's a nice place to start, nice and small and everyone there is helpful, also full of ex-brits, so don't be surprised if you hear a few familiar accents! From there you could either head north and over via Broome and Darwin, then head south down the east coast, or you could head east, over to Adelaide (apparently there's not much to see there - I've never been, we missed it out) and I'd do that bit of your trip by plane! There's not much between Perth and Adelaide!!! From there, you could head north up the east coast. Hope that makes sense!

If you head north to Darwin, you could head down through the middle to Ayres Rock and Alice Springs, that way you could get to Adelaide if you carry on. There are lots of outback trips that do the Perth-Darwin and Darwin-Alice-Adelaide trips. My mate did them, and he said they were brilliant. Doing organised trips when you first arrive might be a good way to meet people. Also if you plan to go into the centre, the internal flights are quite expensive, so might be worth doing when you've still got spare cash!!

Anyway, if you want anymore help, just message me.