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hey all,

Me and a group of my mates from dublin will be takin the big trip downundern in may hopefully(well as soon as we get zee spondillols up!) and we are lookin for some quality spots to visit on d way, places out of the obvious like vietnam and bangkok etc. We are a mad group and up for anything and as this is a trip of a lifetime we will be lookin for all sorts to meet up with along the way and maybe even before hand to get some top ideas on weres best to visit, some of my mates are in oz at the mo and dey are havin a ball and we canny wait to join them!

we'r all just after finishin 6 yrs in college and work life just aint agreein with us! lol not healthy these 9-5ers! ha

anywho anyone wanna drop us a line and give us advice on were ta go and wot ta do it wud be much appreciated!


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lol-you'll have a great time out there. I went to sydney then along the east coast a coupla months back and am going back end of jan for maybe a couple of i come! I still keep remembering lil things that happened-well it keeps me amused.

Ive done 2 years of full-time work and i'm ready to go travel and have fun for the next couple, haha!

Where abouts r u going and what sorts of things do you like?

I mean along the east coast there are some excellent clubs/pubs!

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cheers for the reply jasmine,

Well as we are irish we will defo be lookin for any waterholes along the way that serves guiness!! ha nah we are defo into the club seein but as its a once in a life time chance i wanna go see all "historic" sites aswell! in other words pubs with a view! lol

im gonna try learn how to surf here before we go cos my mates (in oz) are all into that at the mo, just got a voice mail from them earlier on 2day and dey was well hammered! "leavin on a jet plane in a karaoke bar by the sounds of it"! lol love that tune!

how much do u recon we will need savings wise? i have no problem gettin one big fat loan out and clearin it wen i get back cos unlike every1 else in dublin im not lookin to buy a hse just yet! helllllo im 25 not 45!

absolutely cant wait and the thought of goin away is the onlty thing gettin me up on a monday mornin for work! doesnt help that im gettin txts on the way to work from my mates flaked out drunk at a bondi beach party! ha

plenty of time! and i prob will end up stayin for a cpl of years, any clue on sponsorship? some 1 told me ya have to do 3mths atleast in harvestin if ya wanna be able to stay? that true?

were else did ya travel top before oz? many of ya's goin?

anyways cheers for the reply and im sure il talk again babes!