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1. Posted by ruckerthe (Budding Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys , thinking of catching a cheap flight from singapore to Darwin for 5 days or so. Just wondering if theres much to see and do there? And also if anyones got any ideas on prices that would be cool too!

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Not so sure about Darwin, we will be there for a couple of days or so next August, but the main attraction is Kakadu National Park and there are lots of 1,2,3,5,etc.. day tours from Darwin.

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Darwin is a relativley small city and appart from drinking in one of its many pubs and clubs, there isn't a hell of a lot there. Like the last person said Kakadu is the main attraction, however Lichfield national park is actually closer and much more accessible for a one day tour. They have stunning waterfalls you can swim in e.t.c and unless you want to spend a few days in Kakadu would make more sense for a one day trip.

Beware though, I was in Darwin a month ago and within 24 hours of arriving, I had my wallet stolen and our car broken into. There is a lot of theft in the area, so watch out for all your belongings. Prices are pretty average and you can get a hostel for about $19/20 a night and food is cheap enough whether you eat out or not.

Its worth a trip there to see the national parks, but as I say, don't leave any luggage unattended.

hope that helps, don't mean to scare you off, just don;t want the same happening to anyone else.

caz :)

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went to Darwin around easter time last year in the wet dry season transission. it was v.humid didnt rain much actually. visited litchfield, kakadu, jumpin crocs on the adelaide river and spent some time in the city and chilled in the pool a lot. i liked it its worth visiting to see the N.T and expereince a diffrent area of oz, be wary of people tho and be carfeful its not very safe but its a nice place, if u can afford it u can vsit the tiwi islands form darwin too for some real culture. we went to the musueam to learn about the cyclone tracy too. also many good markets there.

go for it

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I liked Darwin but thought hostels were more expensive, ($23 approx) although I was there in the dry season (July) which is the best time.

Kakadu is great, loved it, but some people prefer Lichfield. And Katherine Gorge, I regretted missing that cos its supposed to be great.

You can get some really cheap flights between SE Asia and Darwin, but then you've got a long and potentially expensive journey on from Darwin to anywhere else.

Probably worth a visit