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1. Posted by mindputty (Budding Member 9 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I hate to do this, because it's lazy on my part (for not properly combing through the forums), but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway, as an interesting discussion might ensue and I might get a general answer to my question...

Right now, I am a Canadian living in Seoul, and I am saving money for a trip next year. I'd like to visit a lot of countries next year, and was mulling over the notion of how much it would cost... I'm trying to save every penny, and figure that by the end of the year, I'll have about 25,000,000 South Korea won... (or roughly $28,000 CAD). How far do you think this would get me? Ideally, I'd like to make it last all year, but I dismally recall my jaunt in Europe 2 years ago that cost me between $4500-6000 for only 40 days... :(

I'll be doing all the specific calculations later, but was wondering what everyone else's experience of this has been... how much does travelling usually cost you? (Figuring, say, that you move to a new country at least every month.) I'm kind of in the dreaming stage right now, so calculations aren't fun. I also realize that different areas of the world vary in expense, but since I was going to try to hit many different areas, I was wondering on a rough cross-counry average for world travel (for example, averaging the higher cost of Europe against the lower cost of South Asia)... has anyone ever thought about this?

Happy travels!

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i spent $900 over 3 weeks traveling new england.. i just stayed at hostels mostly and bought food wisely. thats it. (oh yea transportation here and there too) i feel like i could do it with alot less, though.. it probably was a bit more cuase it was my first time through ;)

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My personal benchmark is $80 a day (Canadian) will cover a longer trip. Of course some places are more expensive, and some places less expensive, but for $80 a day you will be able to get a place to stay with an ensuite bathroom, food, cover bus travel and the odd admission to an attraction.

That being said, I probably travel more expensively than some people. I like rooms to myself with a bathroom. If you go dorm style, you can get away with less.

$28,000 CDN should be enough to take you through a whole year, assuming that you don't spend the entire time in expensive locations like the USA, Europe or Japan. South America is easily doable on $40 a day, maybe even $30 if you really scrimp and go on the cheap. I've heard South East Asia is even less expensive.


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I was hoping it would be enough, but I need to consider airfares as well. I need to figure that into my travel costs... so overall, probably more like $18,000 after moving costs (airfare, bus, etc). I guess if I travel cheap, I can get away with it. Assuming 80 dollars a day, that would take me up to about 225 days... which is more than enough for right now... I could always decide to settle into a country for a while to make a few bucks...

I am going to try to keep my travels to expensive places brief. I have already seen Europe once, have briefly visited Japan (holy crap is Japan expensive), and grew up next to the USA, so they are all places I won't visit too much (with the exception of maybe Eastern Europe, which I didn't see last time).

Some of my goal destinations include Thailand, India, Egypt, Peru, Hungary, China, Singapore, Vietnam, and Brazil.

I'm thinking I might spend more than a fair share of my trip in Thailand. I hear that you can have a burger and beer for like 25 cents... which I really find hard to believe, but if that's true - wow.