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Im off to Sydney in the new year working when I get there and then travelling for 3 months in total. Since im working first im renting so thinking not going to meet other travellers in hostels etc...
Is there any bars anyone could suggest that I could just go to and meet other backpackers or travellers in Sydney. Just need some sort of starting point to meet people...quite shy at first!

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There's heaps of backpacker places around Central Station in the city, so I think maybe some of the pubs around there? Which doesn't really narrow it down much, sorry. I know the Clare Hotel on Broadway is full of uni students, so that's probably less good.

Maybe some of the pubs down in the Rocks as well? It's a pretty big tourist/traveller zone.

(I'll insert my usual comment of "King St, Newtown" here as well, because I keep seeing of lots of travellers around there. )

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try the following places for other backpackers or fellow travellers:

Scruffy Murphys
Three Wise Monkeys

The Bondi Hotel
The Beach Road Hotel (My local pub :))
The Coogee Palace
The Coogee Bay Hotel

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There's some really nice pubs in Paddington ( Electric Light something or other?? ) and along Oxford St (Stonewall) that are really nice with very interesteing people! Around Surrey hills and Newtown there are loads of nice bars. However if you want to meet the backpackers where the drink is cheapest and the atmosphere sleazily friendly try Empire Hotel in King's Cross or Shark Bar off Park St (I think)

Good luck!

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Hi Kermo

I'm a 28 yr old lady from London and I've been in Sydney for 6 weeks now on a WHV. Am always up for drinks so give me a shout if you fancy meeting up ;)

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Bondi is a pretty decent place to meet people. (Cock and Bull) plenty of Irish people.

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Tours are another good way of meeting other backpackers, so I would recommend doing do a daytrip to the Blue Mountains.