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1. Posted by Daxiota (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I am seriously considering doing some travelling for the first time. I have always wanted to and intended to do so but have found reasons/excuses not to. Right now I am pretty disillusioned in my day to day live and feel that some new experiences might provide a different perspective on things.

I would really appreciate any comments on people's early travelling experiences, where they went and what they did, what their expectations were, what they gained and really the merits of doing this at my current point in time. I'm 22, do have some financial commitments (ie a mortgage) but can certainly devote a minimum of a couple of months to getting away and seeing some different parts of the world to the UK. What kind of locations and activites would you guys recommend??

Really any kind of garbled comments/advice will be appreciated so thanks for any thoughts.

2. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

WHAT !?!?! Get thee one of a holy plane ticket and Depart !!! Immediately if not sooner !!

Try Paris. I hear they have good museums there. And isn't too far away from where you are. Nice is another good place to spend some time. Heck since you're right next to the continent of Europe, take a dart board and pick a few other countries to spend a few months.

Seriously, look at the "destinations", "accommodation", and "tools" links at the top of this page. You'll find many helpful links. Happy travelling !!

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i cant really tell you what your experience will be like, but i can tell you with an open mind and a openness to spotinaiety (i.e dont really plan,just get an idea) you will have an amazing experience. i guess you could say the first thing i did was go to the montreal meetup awhile ago, i just goton the site and randomly took a train up and ended up wandering the city at 4am and fortuitisly finding a hostel, and remembering offhand the name of the place they decided to go to for breakfast and happening to have stumbled upon it wandering the night before, i managed to meet everyone who went on a total chance. it was one of the cooler things that happened to me. without many things happening by chance, i never would've made 8 new awesome friends. if i hand't been so open minded, and if they didn't plan a breakfast meeting, i never woulda met anyone. so i guess some planning does help =) about 3 weeks later i went travel around new england for a lil under a month. i rode my bike and had a small backpack, and took some buses and ferrys and trains here and there, but mostly just wandered around connecticut massachusets, and maine and had the coolest experience of my entire life, (after going through a huge adventure trying to get to bar harbor off season, i finally made it there with like $200 and climbed two mountains in one day in acadia!) it was soooo freakin cool, honestly it was such a personal challenge... and i learned so much about myself and other people! there really is so much the raw world can teach you. i hope the best for you, and i really think you should do it, and simply realize how amazing and how glorious every seemingly insignificant moment is. i met so many people and had so many AWESOME experiences becuase i challenged myself like this. really, just appreciate everything, and dont let anything bring you down, becuase are you really gonna waste any moment worrying about anything? i guess, all i can say is go for it!

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Fly to India. you will have a great time. Goa- Mumbai-Rajasthan-Delhi you will have a experience of a lifetime... Great plce to start as a first timer...