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Hey, have a look at that... It's hilarious...

My favourite is the Korean version!

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I just did the same thing for the forum rules:



Travel forum rule: Helps these forums is took useful and is interested to the Travellerspoint user, we implement some rules. These rules deal with several common problem which the forum deals with; Transmits the similar news to many news group, the duplication post and the maltreatment language or the discussion. We want this forum are a pleasant place for possess our user, then this we request the rule which you observes: 1. pledges, censures or the excited commentary is not permitted. Any so will comment simply deletes by admin or the peacemaker. 2. emails are not permitted. This will prevent the transmission similar news to many news group harvester ambush in Travellerspoint. 3. websites 0N submits a piece of writing for publication for to promote the goal not to permit. If 0N submits a piece of writing for publication is to the question true response, we will permit them. Looked all websites 0N will submit a piece of writing for publication like they is there promotes the website but is not only helps other members to remove. 4. makes the advertisement not to permit. These posts simply are deleted. 5. individual contacts information are not permitted. We take your secrecy since you not. If your important person obtains is contacting, requests them to deliver you to believe through ours subpoena system. 6. not dual 0N submits a piece of writing for publication. Posts your question to be best in forum that clothes. Asked the similar question or will start similar topic post two to remove has not informed. If any these rules are broken, the peacemaker either will edit your post or entire deletes it. They perhaps or cannot deliver you to believe the explanation situation. These rules often are perhaps renewed. We hoped you understood needs to implement these rules and to think these forums are a better place as a result of it. If you have any question these rules, lets us know is any your care at the system forum therefore we can consider them. We welcome you to visit the travel forum!


Travel Rules Forum: To help these forums Be have useful and interesting to users of Travellerspoint, we cuts implemented some rules. These rules deal with several common problems that forums deal with; Spam, duplicate posts and abusive language gold discussions. We want this forum to Be has pleasant place for all our users, so here are the rules we ask you to abide by: 1. NO swearing, derogatory gold inflammatory remarks are allowed. Any such comments will simply Be deleted by admin gold moderators. 2. NO email addresses are permitted. This is to prevent Spam harvesters from lurking At Travellerspoint. 3. NO website postings for promotional purposes are permitted. Yew the postings are genuine responses to questions, we will allowed them. Any website postings that look like they are only there to promote has website rather than help other members will Be removed. 4. NO advertising is permitted. These posts will Be simply deleted. 5. NO personal contact information is permitted. Been worth We your privacy even yew you don' T. Yew you want people to get in touch, ask them to send you has message through our messaging system. 6. NO doubles posting. Post your question in the forum that suits best. Posts that ask the same question gold start the same topic twice will Be removed without note. Yew any of these rules are broken, the moderators will either edit your post gold delete it entirely. They may gold may not send you has message explaining the situation. These rules may Be updated from time to time. We hope you understand the need to implement these rules and feel that these forums are has better place because of it. Yew you cuts has problem with any of these rules, let custom know what your concerns are in the System Forum so we edge take them into consideration. We welcome you to visit the Travel Forums!


Displacement governs the forum: Soak these forums to be they have usefully and interesuyushch to users Travellerspoint, we cut they supplied some rules. These rules associate with several of general problems forums they associate s; Spam, duplicate posts and the consideration of gold of grubyya language we want this forum to be we take pleasant place for all our users, so here rule, we is which we ask, that you abide by: 1. NONE to swear, note derogatory of gold inflammatory it is permitted. Any commentaries simply will be destroyed by the moderators of gold admin. 2. NO adresy email are permitted. This it must avoid harvesters spam from to be hidden on Travellerspoint. 3. NONE postings website for the promotional purposes are permitted. Yew postings will be genuine reactions to questions, we will allowed them. Izvlechutsya everything postings website they regard they they must only there increase they have website rather than soak to other terms. 4. NO advertisement is permitted. These posts simply will be destroyed. 5. NO data on lichnya contact are permitted. I were worth we your yew solitude even you we put on ' T Yew, you is which you want people to obtain in the contact, you ask to them to send you it has a communication through our system of message. 6. ABSENCE to weigh doubles. Hang out your question in the forum that suits most in the best way. Posts ask to the same start of gold of a question the same theme will be twice extracted without the note. Yew not at all these rules of slomlenn, moderators that there will be edit your delete gold of post it vs. they they can gold they cannot send you they have a communication explaining situation. These rules can be updated from one time to the next. We hope you is understood the need to supply these rules and to feel which these forums takes more better place because of it Yew, you is which you cut it has a problem with any of these rules, prevented custom-house to know your concerns in the forum of system therefore we we border we assume them into the examination. We greet you for the visit of the forums of displacement!


Travel forum rule: This forum the atlas, we were useful in the user of the Travellerspoint and in order and interest with the chisel convenience it executed a some rule. This rule treats and forum the common problem some it treats,; Spam and duplex point and language or the direct conversation which abuses. We this forum hazard Yoo divination sign one place want all our user, here we let us stay to the side like this in you, is a rule which it asks: 1. Swears and damages or the instigate end does not permit. Carries on shoulder the nose together and by the admin or the moderator which sprouts it is a break and will be eliminated. 2. The e-mail address does not permit. This in the Travellerspoint to prevent the spam harvester from lurk. 3. Hazard web site Bos ting the s does not permit a propaganda objective. When Bos ting the s real answer back connects in question, we will permit them. Only from that place what kind of web site Bos who sees the fact that it is promoted a web site and like rather ting the s will be removed the different member. 4. The advertisement does not permit. This point is break and will be eliminated. 5. Personal communication information does not permit. You us evaluate your secrecy though. When you get the person want inside contacting, our scorpion systems lead in them and send the message to you, ask. 6. Dotted decimal notation Bos ting. Suite arrange your question well inside that forum. The point which mwut starts the question which is identical the topic which is identical Higher Civil Service Examination two time to be removed without. When is what of this rule breaks, the moderator will eliminate your point with the editing one whole. It does not send a message to you and them to explain a situation do not know and all or they do not know. This rule does not know does from time to time newly. You this rule under executing, that this forum compared to is the place where it recovers because of it, us hope the fact that it understands the necessity which it feels. When what of this rule which spreads out is there will be a problem, your matter of concern and interest will be like that inside system forum and we will have them with consideration and thing us who are the possibility which we will go be Iss and make. Visit the travel forum, we will be extensive and we welcome!

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You have way to much time on your hands at work Pumpkin ;)

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Maybe this is why I've had a hard time learning French...