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My name is Angela, 20 years old from England and have no travel experience. I dearly would like to travel the East coast of Australia in June for approximatley 2 months by myself.
I am completley bewildered by all the options that seem to be available.
How easy would it be for me to find cheap safe accomodation, and employment? Where do I start?!!!

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you should come to NZ as well for a week or two... its only a 3 hour plane ride... also June is winter in aussie (which yeah is like your summer) but hte place wont exactly be buzzing with tourists i dont think... in any case melbourne sux its always cold and sydney can be on and off... but further north in the cold coast etc. it should be good weather.... hope this helps :)

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If you are only going to be here for 2 months, the job front might be difficult. I would suggest just taking the time to travel and enjoy the east coast. Cheap and safe accommodation is definitely possible. Why not have a look into some of the hostels that offer accommodation or cheaper hotels?

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G'day Shiela,

For a novice traveller get a wee bit of reading behind you so it's not so bewildering. An american guy named Rolf Potts has written a top-notch travel book, have a nosey on amazon for it, it's called "vagabonding, an uncommon guide to the art of long-term world travel" it is el bees knee's!!!

Happy wandering...

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Please promise me that you will not get a WHV when your travelling for just 2 months, it such a waste!!!! Just get a Holiday Visa and don't work, remember you only get one chance with a WHV, if you really liked it you wouldn't be able to go back again with WHV.
Because it will be coldish out there, I'd stick to Brisbane and Cairns area, because the weather will be much warmer (plus you'll get to see the Great Barrier Reef).
I definatley recommend the Lonely Planet Guide to Australia, that will answer most of the questions you've just asked!!
Good luck and happy travelling!

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Hi Blondie,

I think that you will love travelling in the northern parts of the country - northern NSW (including Byron Bay) and many parts of Queensland. This is also an excellent time of year to see some of the arid interior like Uluru.
I think that if you want to see Sydney or Melbourne you should go for it, because coldest maximum daily temperatures are still above 10C and overnight it very rarely drops below 0C. Seeing as you are from the UK you could probably cope with this.

But if you're coming to Australia for the sun, sand and surf, head north.