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I'm one of the dreamers wanting to tour UK/europe for 2 years. Just got the holiday maker visa which thank goodness allow me to work for 12 months to defray travelling cost.

I have been surfing a few sites and I realised the most "profitable" in a short time is to be a Live in care assistant

It interests me as the benefits suits me. U get your own room, meals provided and it is rather "high paying" i should say. best is - no experience required.

It sounds like a maid which i wont mind but most mentioned to have a good deal of socialising.. gee - that frightens me!

Can someone give me advice of what this job all about? should i take up the job?


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A genuine intrest in helping others. Not put off by some 'unsavory' tasks. (Could be emptying bedpans) Could just be general helping with the activities of daily living. Preparing meals, laundry, general housework...

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Grom. i'm a bit worried about this . care assistants have to know what they are doing. ie nurse etc. sounds a bit iffy to me . i had a friend that went to( abroard) it was for just hostess!!!! serving tea it was not .
you must find out fully with the employment agencies if this is a regestered job with stamps etc paid . theres a lot of weird people out there and you could be a fine commoderty.HOPEFULLY NOT

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This would almost certainly be a care assistant, looking after an elderly and/or disabled person, dressing them, helping to bath, get to bed etc. Not for everyone! And I doubt there'd be much chance for partying. Although if you are interested in starting a career in nursing or similar caring professions then it would be useful relevant experience and a test of whether you can hack it.

But if you just want to make money for your holiday, I'd stick to something more traditional, or maybe like sales/marketing jobs or something. :) Hard work but I reckon if you're good at it you can make quite a bit.

Good luck

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to be a care assistant you will need to have a crb cheak and and if you are working for a company you will either need an nvq2 (at least) or be working towards it. may be diferant if you work for someone privetly i am not sure. as other people have said it will mostly be elderly people tho some special needs, disabled people as well but will be self care etc
not easy i am sure if u want to do care then try care companys spectrum is the big one in cornwall wages aint great but plenty of wrk
hope this maks some sense and helps

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Hi, I've been doing care work in London now for two years. It's a great job for saving money - however you are comprimising your own personal freedom. I've worked for wonderful people and had many wonderful experiences, but what you must remember is that the aim of your job is to enable the person you work for to live independently. You are mostly doing activities - bound to places where they want to go. If they prefer to stay at home - you will find that's where you'll be - at home. It can be boring. It can be hard work. (not usually physically - more emotionally). Sure they might once in a while go to the pub - but generally you are driver, you need to be there to assist them - so it's not your night out. Forget drinking or possibly mingling. You're there to work.
Of course every client is different in their needs and way you will be treated - freedoms you're allowed.
As for the care work itself - you will be expected to aid the person in their every day routine. Help them get up, get to toilet, shower, fix breakfast,lunch, cook dinner, giving medication, doing shopping, clean house, take them to social commitments, walk dog etc etc
Your waking hours coexist with theirs. You may have to be up during the night - toilet, rolling over, medication.
Personal care means you will actually have to assist the person with toiletting (ie wiping etc) and showering (washing all bits!). Some people are not comfortable with this.
The jobs that pay well are generally 24hrs and up to 7 days a week. Remember this! That means you mostly don't have time to go out yourself, make friends, and enjoy life in London for what it's famous for. (again each job varies with hours, but most only give you 2-3hr over lunch off - not much time to do anything).
There are fewer jobs avail for male carers - although they do pop up from time to time. Female carers often work for male clients but extremely rare vice versa.
It's a good job to do for 3-6mths. By then you will definitely be needing a break. I've not ever had any training or been asked for qualifications. As most disabilities are so varied, most clients prefer to train you themselves. It's not hard to learn - just common sense, patience (endless amounts) and gentle nature.

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