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I am from Kenya in East africa . I have been accepted to 2 different uiversities . One in california and the other in New york .The tuition living expenses e.t.c are almost similar. Could someone please advise on the pros and cons of studying in either states.

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What universities are they? What part of the states are they located in? Both states are very diverse and offer a lot.

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I would choose california, but yes, it depends on which universities you are considering.

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yes -- what cities in these 2 states? if you care about weather -- california has less extremes... but then again -- it all depends on which university/city.

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I think its kind of a personal preference. Up until last year I had only visited the East coast and I had spent time interning in New York for a while, I fell in Love with New York, not only the City but the State also, theres a lot of places to visit whilst living there and you can even take the Amtrak trains up into Canada!I was working there again a few months ago before heading to California...all my friends said you will fall in love with one or the other....all my american friends who were living in New York loved it and all the friends I made in California prefered it there!!!!!I did really enjoy California, fantastic weather a lotof great places you can visit...San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisico.....however New York is my favourite I have to admit!
My best advice would be choose the university which is the best academic wise, which one will you get the best prospects from?Choose that one and tell yourself America is a huge country and you can spend weekends,holidays, spare time exploring it!!!!!!Good luck!!!!

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Congratulations on being accepted to two different universities.

As many people on here have pointed out, which university you choose has more to do with the university itself (which areas it excels in academically) than the location.

For example, we live in California and my son is currently applying to universities himself. Since he is primarily interested in business (particularly in studing finance), he needs to go to an undergraduate business school. What is not well-known is that most of the University of California campuses do not have undergraduate business schools, so he has applied to only one school in California (University of California at Berkeley), but has applied to both New York University and Fordham University in New York City, since both have great finance programs. He also applied to other out-of-state programs with great finance programs. Many schools that are very well-known for business (such as Stanford and UCLA) have only graduate business schools, but not undergraduate--so that needs to be considered.

I suggest you consider each school's expertise. For example UC San Diego is an excellent science school, especially in anything relating to medicine. UCLA is excellent in the general liberal arts area. NYU is excellent for finance and dramatic arts (theatre). Columbia has an excellent engineering program and political science department, as does UC Berkeley in these two areas.

If you post which two schools you were accepted at, and what you plan to study, I'm sure the people on this website will give you much better advice as a result.

In any case, good luck with your education!--and in your future career.